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FRYD E-Liquid

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  • Fried Banana by FRYD E-Liquid

    With sweet and salty notes, Fried Banana by FRYD E-Liquid is a flavor that will have you going to the kitchen to slice some bananas to fry in a pan. There is a gentle yellow color of the liquid when you look at the bottle, reminding you of a banana blended with caramel. As soon as you open the 30ml bottle, you can smell the richness of the bananas after they have been fried in caramel. There i also a freshness from the fruit that you can smell before vaping. Hints of butterscotch are also present. 

  • Fried Oreo by FRYD E-Liquid

    If you've been vaping for a while, chances are you've started to branch out with your flavor selections a bit. Sometimes you'll make some picks that are a little adventurous, and sometimes you'll discover a flavor that you know you'll love from the moment you first see it.


Smooth and Sweet FRYD E-Juice

You, too, can try out FRYD E-Liquid, which provides a smooth flavor and is perfect for vaping anywhere you may choose to---at the club, at the neighborhood bar, or at the beach or summer home. You'll love the fresh flavor and accessibility of this flavor so much that you're sure to want to share it with all your friends.

FRYD has a carmelized banana flavor, and it goes well with your other vaping flavors. You can purchase this E-Liquid in quantities of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg nicotine, so whatever you choose for your nicotine enhancement for the evening, it's ready. Plus, it's made in Los Angeles, which is where everything is happening these days.

What's more, this excellent FRYD E-Liquid is also available in fried Oreo flavor, which has a deep-fried Oreo flavor. It has a creme filling inhale, which is perfect, combined with a chocolate cookie exhale. And then, finally, after all of this, the finish is extra crispy and leaves you feeling satisfied.

If you're hankering for a good time at the club or bar, just buy one bottle each of fried banana and fried Oreo E-Liquid, and go out prepared to share the vaping love with your friends and use them both over the course of the evening. The carmelized bananas go great with any drink, and the fried Oreos are a great mixture of chocolate and vanilla.

FRYD Banana and FRYD Oreo E-Liquids

With the banana flavor, you can get that perfect vape in your happy banana place, that will leave your breath smelling like perfect carmelized bananas, and you never know where that will go. With the Oreo flavor, you'll love the way you feel after you try it, and get both creme and chocolate flavors in one single puff.

We hope you'll consider buying more than just one bottle so that you'll be able to take this out every night, which is where you definitely want to be hanging out. When you come to the end of one bottle, just reach into your pocket or purse and get another one out, and presto. You're set for a while.

While the bottles are small, they are affordable, and you can stock up easily on your budget and then you won't need to order again too soon. So, we'll see you out on the town with your vaping action, and be sure to share, and tell your friends and FRYD E-Liquids. FRYD E-Liquids is a fine manufacturer of many different e-liquids, many of them with a fried taste, much like the banana and Oreo varieties mentioned here.