Fryd Ice Cream by FRYD E-Liquid


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Fryd Ice Cream by FRYD E-Liquid is a member within the line of the company's fried food flavors. The sweet and rich essences that are formulated into this e-liquid are as delicious as the real deal. When a draw is initiated, a sense of ice cream with toasted bits of sweet dough fills the mouth. It's sugary, creamy, and robust which perfectly captures the delicious taste of fried ice cream. Once the flavor is enjoyed and the vapor is released, users are treated to massive cloud payoff. 


Product Description

When you purchase Fryd Ice Cream by FRYD E-Liquid, the unmistakable nod to a carnival dessert will have your mouthwatering. As a dessert e-liquid, the taste of vanilla bean dipped in a savory dough is completely realized within the product. It is sweet, but never distasteful or overpowering. There is no unsatisfying aftertaste the coats the mouth with a sickening tackiness. When a draw is exhaled, the cloud is as absolute as the fried ice cream flavor. 

Fryd Ice Cream has a VG concentration dilution of 70%. The VG base is where the vapor is integrated and formulated. The higher amount of VG ensures that the vapor isn't lost to a too intense flavor. Fryd Ice Cream's PG concentration is 30%. The PG is where the fried ice cream flavor is housed. A slightly lower amount of the PG base helps to let the taste have its moment, but keeps it restrained enough to be enjoyed without becoming too much. The VG and PG ultimately work together to create a flawless drawing experience. 

Fryd Ice Cream by FRYD E-Liquid is dispensed in a 60mL bottle. The top is capped with with an eyelet dropper applicator and a screw tight lid. The dropper allows users to easily refill the product without having to worry about spilling. Fryd Ice Cream also has 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine concentration. Whether users prefer an e-liquid for flavor alone or whether they like an intense amount of nicotine intake, they will be able to enjoy this product no matter where they fall on the spectrum.

This component is wrapped up in a genuinely rich taste of fried batter. Once a draw is taken, users will have the nostalgic sense of being at a fair enjoying the fried dessert for which this e-liquid is named. 

FRYD E-Liquid started their company with the idea that they would produce fun, carnival themed flavors. Their e-liquids achieve that appetizing goal and they also produce premium vaping sessions. High end ingredients are used in each recipe and as a result, users are sure to love everything about FRYDs' products. 

While you decide if Fryd Ice Cream is the right dessert e-liquid for you, click through the other fruity, velvety, and unique flavors available at We also have intensive lines and makers of tanks, mods, batteries, and accessories. If you have a question about something you see on the site or need general information, please contact our customer care team.

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