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Fumi E-Liquid

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Delicious Fumi E-Juice

There are about a million different e-juices out there, but none can compare to Fumi E-Juice. Vaping is not just a passing fad – that has been proven. If you vape, you will agree that it's a lifestyle choice. There is something very unique about Fumi e-juice, though. It's street art meets vaping, and for Fumi users there is no separating the two.

Fumi is edgy to the extreme, and that's how you feel when you use it. It brings out your nocturnal side, your wild side, your party animal side. Vaping with Fumi makes you want to grab a spray can and tag your name on a brick wall in the alley behind your favorite club. The intense vape and amazing flavors energize you to the point that you'll ask yourself why you ever juiced with anything else.

Fumi might be best known for its amazing vape mods. These mods truly do bring art and vaping together in a way that has never been done before. Fumi's 'Gang Mod' is shaped like a pair of brass knuckles and actually comes with interchangeable plates. These plates are decorated with LA and Tokyo-inspired art and truly set these Fumi mods apart from anything you've ever seen before. They're edgy, sexy and very street. There's just nothing else like this on the vaping market today. These mods are literally pieces of art created by a Los Angeles artist named Roz and many people who vape will collect them for this reason exclusively.

These radical Fumi mods are more than just looks, however. Fumi has designed these new mods with cutting-edge vaping technology that allows you to adjust the timing of each puff, the variable wattage settings allow you to control the strength and there's even a counter function to keep track of the number of puffs per day or month if you want. All of this data is shown on a high-definition digital screen behind the decorative plate. It even displays the date and time. No other brand of mods offer this much technology with such a cutting edge look.

A Wide Collection of Premium E-Liquids

Fumi developers understand all aspects of vaping, in particular the use of vaping to quit smoking. For these folks, Fumi encourages users to vape responsibly. The juices come in different nicotine strengths, from 2mg nicotine to 20mg. This makes it extremely easy to decrease your nicotine intake at your own pace, comfortably and conveniently. The variable wattage feature on the mods make this even easier. The greatest aspect of vaping is that you can still enjoy it with juice containing zero or minimum nicotine, so there's no feeling of being deprived when you use these.

Fumi e-juices come in some highly unique signature flavors: Downtown LA has a rum and coke type vibe whereas Hollywood is a three fruit blend of mango, melon and guava, perfect if you love a rich, fruity vape. Venice Beach was inspired by the California ocean boardwalk and has an intense, icy blueberry flavor. Last but not least is Tokyo, a delicious honey melon candy flavor that really lingers on your tongue. All Fumi e-juices are extremely high quality and Fumi has worked very hard with their developers to create juices that are unlike any other on the market. The bottles are pretty cool, too, as the labels are designed with uber-cool street art motifs and are also very collectible.

Fumi is also expanding their distribution to an international level, as well as coming out with brand new street art mods and a new line of e-juices. If you're into vaping, be sure to check out everything Fumi has to offer. Their products are unlike anything else you've ever tried, and once you use them Fumi will undoubtedly become your brand of choice.