Funfetti by Aqua Liquids

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Does the scent of birthday candles and rich sweet frosting make you want to jump and shout and throw out a big handful of confetti? Do you long for those magical days of savory yellow cake topped with multi colored sprinkles and a huge serving of sweet, white, vanilla frosting?


Product Description

If so, then Funfetti by Aqua Liquids is the vape juice for you! It doesn't get any more festive than this tasty vaping treat, which comes in a festive package all festooned with pink and yellow and blue sprinkles.

This delightfully addictive vape E-Juice comes from the mixing masters at Aqua Liquids, who know how to make an E-Liquid that keeps customers coming back for more and more of that festive Funfetti party flavor. 

Funfetti captures the taste of a rich and tasty yellow cake with sprinkles baked inside, and then more sprinkles on top of the sweet white frosting. Yum! This is the E-Juice we've been waiting for! With every draw of this delicious flavor, you'll be transported back to those festive party days, when raucous good times were always celebrated with party horns and hats, and more of that sweet yellow cake with the mouthwatering icing.

There's no mystery why this enticing flavor is so darn delicious. The creative curators behind the Aqua Liquids brand are known for the long and arduous process they put each of their flavor choices through before releasing them to their tastefully discerning vape customers. Along the way, during the development of the flavor, the E-Liquid is stirred and blended and tasted and then blended again. All of this goes into creating the signature Funfetti flavor, for the further enjoyment of the vaping public. There's no doubt that the long curatorial process that goes into creating this wonderful taste, a taste that evokes the feeling of a moment of birthday party sweetness, is worth all the effort involved.

Is it time to travel again to a place where life was carefree and filled with party games and multi-colored confetti that somehow matched the sprinkles served on a deliciously iced birthday cake? If the answer is yes, then it's time to sample the unrivaled, exquisitely delicious taste of Funfetti by Aqua Liquids. That first draw will have you hooked, so order up several bottles today!

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