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Funfetti E-Liquid

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Decadent Funfetti E-Juice

If you have a sweet tooth, you are sure to love Funfetti E-Liquid, a popular new e-liquid flavor from the Aqua Liquids line. With this e-liquid in your vaporizer, you will feel like you are having a birthday celebration in your mouth each time you inhale! The primary flavors of this e-liquid consist of freshly baked yellow cake with vanilla frosting and delicious sprinkles. The aroma of this vapor has the taste and smell of a freshly baked funfetti flavored cake just coming out of the oven. With every vape that you take, you will taste more of the rich, decadent cake flavor. Each inhale will also spoil you with hints of creamy vanilla and sweet sprinkles baked into the cake batter. With a 60 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) content, this e-liquid has a naturally sweet taste and a thick, smooth vapor texture, which perfectly complements the Funfetti cake flavor. You will love the way that this e-liquid glides along your throat and produces a thick vapor feeling in your mouth as you exhale. This e-liquid will make you want to vape all day long!

In addition to its delicious taste and texture, the Funfetti e-liquid also comes packaged in a festive box that you will love. Adorned with a cute, colorful cake and sprinkles, this packaging makes Funfetti e-liquid a great gift for the vaporizer fan in your life. With its pink accents, it also brings a girly flare to the world of e-liquids, making it the perfect addition to your vaporizer collection. Go head, grab a box or two of this delightfully packaged e-liquid today for yourself or as a gift. 

Check Out Aqua Liquids

Funfetti e-liquid is a part of the Aqua Liquids line of vapor mixers. This new company is quickly making a name for itself with its unique e-liquid flvors. Beyond its unique marketing and product packaging, Aqua Liquids provides vape lovers with outstanding, well-balanced e-liquid flavors. These flavors, which are brewed to perfection, mix a delightful array of flavors and leave you craving more with every puff. The Funfetti e-liquid is the first and most popular of Aqua Liquids vaporizer liquids so far. Luckily, with the success of this product, you can be sure to expect many more flavors from Aqua Liquids to hit the market soon! Until then, sit back, relax and celebrate like it is your birthday with the delicious Funfetti e-liquid flvor for your vaporizer.