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Are you ready to feel the power? Are you ready for a rock em, sock em flavor that makes you want to let out all your animal fury in a really major way? Well vape enthusiasts, you have come to the right place, because Fury by ANML is a taste sensation to be reckoned with. When you have what it takes to take on the sure fire animal power of Fury by ANML E-Liquid, you are ready for a taste sensation that just will not quit!


Product Description

Fury by ANML E-Liquid is an E-Juice flavor with a difference. It has got just the right balance between sweet and not super sweet, for that right in the middle tastiness that keeps dedicated vapers coming back for more, and ever more! 

Fury by ANML E-Liquid is a lusciously full-bodied taste experience, as this unique blend brings on the true to the breakfast bowl taste of sugary sweet frosted crispy cereal, deliciously drowning in a sweet and creamy bowl of milk. This is a delightfully decadent taste that's almost too lip-smacking to be real.The creamy texture of this flavor combined with the down home wholesomeness of the milk texture makes this a perfect choice for an all day, all week and all night vape. 

Wow! Why didn't someone invent this flavor before? Now they have, and the geniuses at ANML E-Liquid can and should take all the credit. This incredibly tasty E-Liquid flavor is the third release from ANML, and it's no wonder this brand is shaking up the E-Liquid scene in a very big way. The mixers and blenders at ANML know their E-Liquids, and these geniuses take care to ensure that every E-Juice that comes out of their curated kitchen has the goods, taste-wise.

Fury by ANML is available in a 30ml bottle, and comes in your choice of nicotine levels of 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg, so you can choose the groove that moves you most, vaping wise.

Are you feeling furious? Order up on Fury by ANML E-liquid today, and get ready for lip smacking goodness that will have you feeling like you're ready to roar!

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    Im very picky with my juice. It cant be too sweet, but not dull either. This is one of the best "desserts" flavor ive had. If your more into savory, dessert, non-fruity, flavors then this is definitely one to try.

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