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Geek Vape Tanks

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Geek Vape Tanks

Geek Vape Tanks has made a name for themselves building high-quality RTAs, or rebuildable tank atomizers. If you are looking for an RTA from Geek Vape Tanks, has a large selection at very competitive prices. The RTA is arguably one of the more popular ways to vape these days, and this company has several fantastic models to choose from.

Geek Vape Tanks is a relatively new player in the vaping market. Established in 2015, the company places a premium on research and development. From their headquarters in Shenzhen, China, a region known for manufacturing vaporizers, Geek Vape Tanks employs a talented team of engineers and designers who continually work to develop tanks that are reliable and built to high standards. The models thus far introduced by the company include the Griffin RTA, the Avocado RDTA, the Tsunami RDA, and the Eagle Sub Ohm tank. 

Geek Vape Griffin RTA

The Griffin RTA, available at, is one of the first and most popular products produced by Geek Vape Tanks. Featuring gold-plated housing for superior conductivity, the Griffin RTA also uses Pyrex glass and a Delrin drip tip. The drip tip is 13.5mm compatible but the unit also comes with a convenient 510 adapter so that it is adaptable to the most common and popular type of threading. The Griffin RTA is convenient to fill and even boasts a juice flow control so that it is also an economical way to vape your favorite e-juices.

Geek Vape RTAs

The Avocado RTA by Geek Vape Tank utilizes something known as a Genesis structure to make it one of the easiest tanks to rebuild. The flavor delivered by the Avocado RTA is phenomenal thanks to the way air comes into the tank, passes through a ceramic baffle board, and goes straight to the coil. The tank can be filled with a minimum of waste by just removing the baffle board, and an adapter is included for a 510 drip tip. 

Practical Geekvape Subtanks

All of the Geek Vape Tanks RTAs available at are designed with practicality and usability in mind. Their affordability makes them great choices for someone that is experimenting with their first RTA. Their functionality makes them great choices for the experienced vaper. Either way, it won't take long for you to discover the pleasures that come from quality construction when you purchase a Geek Vape Tanks RTA.

Vapers are particular and discriminating when it comes to their tanks. They want something that can withstand the rigors of all-day vaping and is easy to maintain and rebuild when necessary. Geek Vape Tanks succeeds in all of these areas and the company regularly receives high ratings and reviews for their products.

While you are shopping for an RTA from Geek Vape Tanks, be sure to check out our entire selection of premium tanks, mods, and designer e-liquids in all of your favorite flavors. We strive to be all-inclusive, so the chances are you will find whatever you need to suit your vaping lifestyle in our assortment of products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email.