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Gemini E-Liquid

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Gemini E-Juice

Developed in Sunny California, creator Phillip Rocke brings you The Gemini American E-Juice line with a variety of flavors that are uniquely fresh and delicious. One of the more popular Gemini flavors is Adam and Eve. It's a candied sour green apple flavor that has a cooling sensation when you exhale the sweet indulgence of sour green apples. This flavor has a smooth throat hit and flavor that stays on your tongue, making you want more. When a flavor lingers for a while after you exhale, you know the quality of the e-liquid is very good. If the tastes of buttered pecan banana nut bread is more your thing, than Royalty is sure to satisfy your taste buds. It is a very smooth and sweet tasting liquid that's only worthy of Kings and Queens. Now Enter the Dragon. This deathifying name has you willingly up to the challenge as the flavor magically combines strawberry and sweet peach with that will tame even the wildest taste buds.

If dragons aren't your thing you're sure to love 100 Grand Juice. Imagine freshly made cinnamon toast topped with sweet cream drizzling in syrup where every bite is delectable and savory until your plate is completely empty. Gemini E-Liquid has turned a breakfast favorite into a delicious vape that can satisfy any cravings. Up for something more mellow? Then Octo juice is the perfect juice to vape all day every day. a mellow vape of blueberries and tart combine to make an enticing juice that's hard to put down. If you're in need of a getaway, travel to the tropics with Koi Juice. Koi has a very tropical flavor with the taste of fresh melon on the inhale and coconut on the exhale. It's like a trip to an island paradise.

E-Liquids as Unique as You!

This line of Gemini American Vapor juices is perfect for vape fanatics that like something different and distinctive than anything they've had before. Gemini juices are rated at 80/20 VG. Gemini e-juices come in elegant 15ml and 30ml glass bottles and come in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and 12mg nicotine levels for every vaper.