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Water Pipes

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Shopping for Water Pipes

Water Pipes have been a staple in the world of dry herb smoking since as early as the 16th century. Vast and varied in design, shape, color, and structure, they have had genuine staying power within the industry. Once concentrates became a staple within the vaping world, water pipes underwent a metamorphosis to allow them to accommodate that variety of product as well, but they generally fall under a different category coined "dab rigs". Reliability and consistent impressive performances are chief among the reasons users invest in these products time and time again. Water pipes have a few design qualities that mark them for the products that they are and separate them from other devices.

In general, water pipes have a mouthpiece, a chamber that holds water, a segment that becomes smoke filled during a draw, a stem (which may be absent in smaller, handheld varieties), and a bowl that holds the product that is being drawn. A water filled chamber is the primary component that marks these devices. During a draw, the smoke or vapor from the bowl is passed through the water before reaching a user's mouth. The water serves as a filtration system in order to give users velvety draws that are cleared of imperfections.

Before choosing the water pipe you want to invest in there are a few things you'll want to consider beforehand:

Aesthetic of Water Pipes

Because water pipes have been around for so long, they come in just about every color, shape, size, etc. It may sound like a non-issue, but you should like the way the piece looks. There are some that are hand blown, multi-colored, and serve as a more artistic approach to design. Some water pipes are created to have a more scientific look like with beaker shaped chambers and minimalist designs.

Water Pipe Features

The previously mentioned structure of water pipes is the foundation on which each one starts. That doesn't mean that they can't have other qualities. For example, percolators are a very common extra feature and that's not to say that a unit will have only one. There are tree variations (multiple steams that lead from the main chamber), streamlines (a single stem that leads from the prominent chamber), and honey combs (horizontally positioned webs or pockets). The essential function of this feature is to provide extra filtration during a draw to produce even cooler, smoother, and purer vapor.

Do you want the bowl to be removable? This would then allow the port to function as a carburetor. Ultimately it would allow the chamber to be completely cleared during an inhale. Do you want it to have an attached ash tray? While there are innumerable water pipes that are straightforward, traditional takes, it is possible to find one with additional features that may take it to the next level for you. 

Water Pipe Glass Density

In part, this will relate to the style of water pipe you enjoy. Hand blown units are usually made of thick glass and slightly more durable. Whereas clear, scientific glass is slightly thinner and may require more careful care. That is not to say that the glass density means that one will be better over the other, but it is important to consider your lifestyle and how you will be using the device. If you intend it to be your main piece, you might want to consider a denser glass.

At, we've pushed ourselves to be a curator of exceptional pieces no matter which one you choose. Browse through our water pipe selections and if you have any questions, please reach out to our customer service team.