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Glass Shopping

Glass and smoke or vaporization products are two things that have worked simultaneously to provide premier experiences for users since the beginning. The quality of the glassware is foundational in the quality of the device in addition to its ability to have staying power in a collection. Too thin and the glass could crack or shatter. Too thick and the device becomes ineffective for heating products and transferring vapor. Expert glass blowers and makers of glass pieces will have the technical touch that is needed in order to create optimum products that perform as ideally as they look.

Types of Glass Pieces

Glass units can be broken down into four primary categories. It is important to note that each one is likely to have sub-categories or unit design features within each group. Narrowing down the right one for your boils down, in part, to how basic or elaborate you want it. The main groupings are as follows: 

Handheld Pipes - The structure of these will be very familiar to many people. They follow the same general structure of traditional tobacco pipes. There is a mouthpiece, a vapor chamber, and a bowl where the products being inhaled go. Most also have a carburetor integrated to the side of the bowl for easy chamber clearing during a draw.

Heady Glass - These types of glass pieces are distinctive in that they are vibrant, unique, expertly crafted, and often times one of a kind. They can be designed to be abstract or to have real life counterparts (e.g. anatomical in design, made to look like a tree, etc.). At their core, heady glass devices are water pipes. This means they have a mouth piece, a water filled chamber that serves as a vapor filter, a vacant portion of chamber, a stem, and then a bowl.

Scientific Glass - This type of glassware is also a type of water pipe, but takes a slightly more technical approach to its design quality. The glass is typically clear and features beaker style chambers in order to give it a scientific edge. This is a common type of water pipe as well as dab or oil rig.Dab or Oil Rigs - Dab or oil rigs, at their base level, are water pipes as well. They still have a water filled chamber used to cool and filter vapor. However, where it parts ways with other types of glass is that, instead of a traditional bowl for dry herds, it has a nail that is heated. Once it has been brought to temperature, the concentrate or oil is placed on the nail head and subsequently vaporized. Banger hangers are a sub-category of dab or oil rigs.

What to Look for in a Glass Device

Not all glass is created equal when it comes to vaping or smoking devices. There are a few things you will want to look for before purchasing a glass unit. Not only should the glass be relatively free from visible imperfections, but excessive bubbles are a sign of diminished integrity. Glass that has not been properly blown at the correct pace at the correct temperature will be riddled with bubbles. While this may not be problematic from an aesthetic perspective, this type of product is more likely to crack or shatter. You will also want to see that the working done at any joints is smooth and seamless. 

You will then want to consider the implications of thick or thin glass. Thick and quality are not always mutually exclusive. However, thickness does usually mean that the piece is durable and also heavy, two qualities many users are looking for.

At we seek to have provisions in only the best glass pieces. From there, it boils down to what your own preferences are in appearance and type of glassware. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our team of professionals.