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Do you enjoy seeing the fresh light click on outside your favorite donut shop? Glazed Donuts by Loaded recreates the flavor of fresh donuts. You can puff on this vape and feel those relaxing early mornings where you sit and enjoy a coffee with your fresh doughnut. This mouth watering flavor creates a warm cinnamon donut flavor with a hot sugary glaze.


Product Description

This flavor is perfection, well-blended, and will never tire out your taste buds. Your mouth will water for your favorite breakfast treat with this sweet smooth vape flavor. 

With each puff, you will taste a warm right out of the oven doughnut with a sugary glaze. This smooth, delectable eliquid will leave your mouth watering, just like a real fresh doughnut. Loaded E-liquid has given vape customers the real doughnut experience in a smooth sugary glazed bakery treat with a hint of cinnamon. You can feel like you are stuffing your favorite donuts in your mouth without the guilt. A blended perfect taste with a sugary flavor and cinnamon taste that creates this dessert taste. Truly a scrumptious experience for an all day vape with sweet and subtle hints of sugar, glaze and cinnamon. 

This flavor allows you to indulge your taste buds with this warm, gooey treat in a smooth, well-blended all day vape. With each puff, you get a hint of cinnamon and a sugary glaze to leave the taste of fresh glazed doughnuts in your mouth. Perfect for the connoisseur who loves the sweet aroma of dessert flavored vapes. This delicious dessert flavor is truly a delightful vape that is sure to be a favorite. If you have a sweet tooth, then this flavor won't disappoint. Your taste buds will crave this super sweet smooth flavor. 

Each vaping experience with loaded donuts satisfied the vapors sweet tooth. Each inhale and exhale leaves the donut smell and taste to enjoy after the vaping experience. On the inhale, the taste is so super smooth and sugary. The exhale delivers a more sugary cinnamon flavor, making those around you smell the sweet aroma of freshly baked glazed doughnut. This sweet vape leaves a sweet bakery aroma and super thick clouds. Customers who love their bakery desserts will love the taste of sugary glazed cinnamon doughnuts left in their mouths. 

Glazed Donuts by Loaded E-liquid helps to take you back to the doughnut shop on early mornings when the fresh light comes on. This sweet and aromatic flavor is sure to deliver the smooth sweet experience every time. Another great flavor brought to you by Ruthless E-Liquid

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