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Good Vapor Co E-Liquid

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  • Strawberry Shortie by Good Vapor Co E-Liquid

    Do you miss those favorite summertime ice cream treats? As an adult, you can recapture that aroma and flavor in the Strawberry Shortie by Good Vapor E-liquid. Strawberry Shortie by Good Vapor Co E-Liquid takes the vapor consumer back to the good days of biting into a strawberry frozen popsicle coated in cookie crumbles.

  • Almond Crunch by Good Vapor Co E-Liquid

    With the exception of those with a nut allergy, there is something about almonds that people just love. Whether it's a small handful that you toss in your mouth to get some energy in the middle of the day, or those delightful desserts with roasted almonds that you get from your favorite restaurant, you just can't stop popping these little nuts.


Good Vapor Co E-Juice

Good Vapor Co E-Liquid found a premier group of mixologists who have created an array of flavors and tastes. Even as other companies try to imitate the flavors, Good Vapor Co E-Liquid continues to mix and mold new flavors that play with the taste buds. They not only focus on the taste but also the pleasurable aromas they produce. Their packaging promises the pursuit of smooth E-Liquid, each arriving in what seems like an ice-cream packaging and tasting as good as any dessert. Good Vapor Co E-Liquid is the full package for a premium vaping experience, from taste to presentation. 

Strawberry Shortie E Liquid - Strawberry shortcake is a favored dessert and Good Vapor Co E-Liquid liquefied it into a bottle. This mixture of sweet and smooth lingers in the mouth while anyone in close proximity will catch a breezy whiff of sweetness catching a craving for the dessert while exhaling a cool burst of air. This flavor is what gave Good Vapor Co E-Liquid a place in the growing industry. The only thing missing is the work, time, and mess that it takes to build the perfect strawberry shortcake. The sweet of the spongecake and the freshness of the in-season strawberries are left for the vapor to savor on their taste buds for a unique aftertaste experience. 

Almond Crunch and Strawberry Shortie E-Liquid

Almond Crunch E Liquid - This vapor flavor is a liquified dessert of vanilla bean ice cream, almonds, and that caramel bite that goes with any good almond crunch goody. Good Vapor Co E-Liquid remains by their standards, the aroma as sweet and unoffending as the taste itself. When it arrives at the door, the wrapping leads straight to how it tastes. Dessert in a vape is offered with the coolness that ice cream lends to taste buds. That perfect bar of vanilla bean and the tangible crunch of almond toppings is accented with what feels that caramel swirl in the center. Those around will ache with their sweet tooth as the soothing, creamy aroma is released with a cool, smooth aftertaste for the vapor user to savor.

Good Vapor Co E-Liquid is an up and coming company that barged onto the scene with its introduction flavor. Strawberry shortie became a request E-Juice in a crowded arena of already established companies. Good Vapor Co E-Liquid exclusively produced by Panorama Distribution out of Bakersfield, California, burst into the mixology business of vapor E-Juice with bursting flavors.