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Got Vape Grinders

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Sturdy Got Vape Grinders

You already know that is the best online retailer of vaporizers and vaping accessories, but did you know that we also brand many of our own products such as Got Vape Grinders? Your purchase of Got Vape accessories is always backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy here with confidence that you are getting the best the industry has to offer.

Got Vape is based in Corona, California, a hub of vaporizer production and culture. When we began this company we had one goal in mind. It was to assemble and produce the very best vaporizers and vaping components in the world. We are guided by a company motto of "Because Your Health Matters" and especially connected to that niche of the marketplace which prefers to vape dry herbs, often for medicinal purposes. Before we put our name on something we must have confidence that the product lives up to our high standards and company philosophy. It would not be acceptable to us in the least if our brand was not rooted in integrity.

Our team of professionals are vapers, too. This isn't something we do just to earn a living. We live the culture 24/7 and know what it takes to earn the trust of the vaping community. Believe us when we say we have seen the best and the worst of online vape shops, and ours is modeled to be a standard bearer for the industry. When people think about shopping online for vaporizers, we are often the first and only retailer they visit.

Got Vape Grinders come in a variety of styles. We have the 2 pc Got Vape Aluminum Grinder 50mm, a simple but durable tool to grind dry herbs. It is an authentic Got Vape product designed in America and has a lifetime warranty. The lid is magnetic and it comes in five different colors. If you prefer something a little more durable, check out the 4 pc Got Vape Titanium Grinder 30mm. Also backed by a lifetime warranty, this grinder can withstand the rigors of heavy use.

Shop Versatile Got Vape Grinders

A grinder is an essential piece of equipment if you are vaping dry herbs. By grinding the herb you break it down and maximize the surface area of the herb, a process that optimizes herbs for vaping. It might seem like choosing a grinder would be simple. All of them are alike, right? Not exactly. Some poorly made grinders can break while others do a poor job of grinding the dry herbs. If you need a grinder, it is better to stick with a trusted name as opposed to one of the many inferior generics out there.

4 pc Got Vape Titanium Grinders are examples of the most popular type of grinder being used today. There is an extra compartment which holds pollen, sometimes referred to as kief. Titanium is currently the strongest metal used in grinder manufacture. It can withstand extensive use and can last for a lifetime. The best part about our grinders is that they are affordably priced in addition to being highly functional. Unless you lose it, this is probably the last grinder you will ever need to buy. Of course, when your vaping friends ask to borrow it you might not get it back. That's okay. Be a good friend and order two. 

Brand loyalty in the vaping industry is everything. Here at, we are working hard to earn yours. While you are shopping our site for Got Vape Grinders, be sure to also check out the latest vaporizers for vaping dry herbs. You'll find all of the popular brands in our inventory at a price that often beats that of our competitors.