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Got Vape Vaporizers

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Got Vape Vaporizers

We happen to know Got Vape extremely well, and we can assure you this company offers exceptional units that are designed to simply blow you away. Our devices use premium components like ground glass vapor whips, ceramic heating elements to maintain an inert environment and new features like the Thermo-Tube. We aim to provide consistently effective products at a good value, and the user experience is always our primary concern.

Got Vape Brand Line

Got Vape offers a selection of vaporizers in classic styles to provide you with attractive units that provide exceptional performance. The Got Vape Aroma Basic and Classic vaporizers are both desktop units that are designed to maintain accurate temperature control and give you satisfying and full vapor clouds with your preferred blends. You can also choose one of the vaporizer combo options that include the components necessary to save money when you already own a receptacle. 

Aroma Classic Vaporizer

The Aroma Classic vaporizer comes with a ground glass vapor whip to provide a smooth and clean vaping experience that reveals the natural essences of your essential oils and concentrates. The unit comes with the new Thermo-Tube technology that surrounds the 100 percent glass ceramic heating element from Alumina Ceramic. This provides you with a protective layer of ceramic material that eliminates the need to use metal screens in your vaporizer. This gives you a more natural and pure vaping experience without metal components that can change the flavor of your blends. You'll also be able to precisely control the temperature using the analog dial that sets the vaporizer to operate at your preferred temperature setting. An outer shell made from premium bamboo helps to round out the experience to give you a robust and substantial vaporizer for all your needs.

Aroma Classic Basic Vaporizer

This desktop-style vaporizer uses an enhanced design that represents the latest innovations in the world of box style inhalation systems. The unit comes with a ground glass 18mm vapor whip to offer superior airflow and a more convenient vaping session. You'll enjoy hands-free operation and the new Thermo-Tube technology that enhances the reliability and stability of the heating element. The unit offers the same features as the classic design, but it comes with a more traditional look.

Got Vape Vaporizer Kits

The Got Vape Vaporizer kit uses a forced air method that is designed to make your aromatherapy session more effective. The heating element avoids contact with your blends, and you'll be much less likely to suffer burnt product. The unit also offers the ability to adjust the temperature for differing temperature levels. You'll get an Inspector Vapors heat gun that uses a ceramic coil instead of the traditional aluminum coil. This helps to reduce the aftertaste that sometimes comes from the aluminum materials. The kit gives you a digital heat gun with an auto cool feature, a padded locking aluminum carrying case and two Inspector Vapors Universal Glass Bowls. 

Got Vape Combo Kits

If you already own a receptacle, you can purchase one of the combo kits to save some money and avoid purchasing a vaporizer. The Nitro, Fatboy and Universal combo kits are each designed to work with different products. The Universal combo works with small to medium size slides, the Fatboy combo works with medium to large sized slides and the Nitro combo works with ground glass style receptacles. Each kit also comes with a Little Daisies Glass screen and variable temperature vaporizer gun. Since getting into vaping can be a little expensive at the start, these combo packs are designed to help you save money while learning to enjoy this exclusive recreational activity.