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GP Customs

GP Custom is the name of a celebrated vaping product manufacturer. The team at GP Custom strives to provide customers with first-rate and one-of-a-kind products they can fully trust. If you're looking to buy a mod that's the definition of dependable and high-quality, you'll likely fall in love with GP Custom's sturdy and effective offerings. If you want to purchase the Akuma Mechanical Mod from GP Custom, we can help you do so here at GotVape. GotVape is a leading vaping business that's in Corona, California. 

GP Custom Mechanical Mods

If you're looking around for a telescopic mechanical mod, the Akuma Mechanical Mod may seem to be straight out of your wildest dreams. It accommodates several different types of batteries, specifically 18350, 18500 and 18650 options. The mechanical mod has an external diameter of 22mm. Its internal diameter is 18.7mm.

This mod vaporizer was built using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine. It's equipped with a bottom cap that's made out of red copper. It's also equipped with durable modular tubes that are made out of red copper. The Akuma Mechanical Mod can accommodate all different battery cell varieties, conveniently enough.

Akuma Mech Mod

The mod's upper cap lock ring employs exemplary glass from Australia. Its silver pins, on the other hand, feature impressive silver coating. If you need to tweak the battery and atomizer, the mod has a floating pin that makes the process easy and stress-free. The Akuma Mechanical Mod's twist locking function is hassle-free and straightforward. If you want to be able to get your mod started with ease, you should have zero problems doing so. 

The look of this mod is truly memorable and luxurious. It features engraved logos that contribute greatly to its attractive style. People who buy the Akuma Mechanical Mod can also experience the splendor of a lovely handcrafted wooden box! This included wooden box was handcrafted by authentic tribal artisans from the mountains. If you're interested in enjoying an exciting and meaningful vaping adventure, nothing can really beat the Akuma Mechanical Mod. The device is attractive, easy to use and durable. What's not to love, anyway?

Akuma Mechanical Mod Components

Other interesting components of the Akuma Mechanical Mod are connector 510 threading, an adjustable middle pin, alterable battery contact, a black plated copper tube and a firing button that's spring loaded. The firing button was constructed using magnate. It features a locking ring that's reverse threaded as well. 

Rely on Gotvape With your Purchase

If you're interested in all of the distinctive components and features that make the Akuma Mechanical Mod what it is, we can help you out here at GotVape. Our staff members know a lot about this acclaimed mod atomizer. They're more than familiar with all of its components and highlights. They're more than familiar with how to use it correctly. They can teach you anything you need to know about this amazing offering, and that's the honest truth! Our priority here at GotVape is to give our customers detailed information that pertains to all of the products we sell. We like making sure our customers feel relaxed about all of their purchases. 

GotVape is a trusted vaping product supplier that caters to people everywhere. If you're shopping for concentrate tanks, e-liquid, portable vaporizers, domeless nails, vape cases, vapor whips, vaporizer batteries, clearomizers, sub tanks, vape mods, vape pens or anything else under the vaping sun, we're here to assist you. The customer service we offer is efficient, thorough, patient and reliable. Just ask our many loyal customers. If you're searching for dependable information that involves GP Custom's beloved Akuma Mechanical Mod, we can happily offer it to you. Contact us today for any extra details.