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Grape by Jam Monster E-Liquid is a variety within the company's line of flavoring inspired by the dynamic duo of toast and jam. During a session with Grape, users will have their senses filled with the unmistakable flavor of warm toast spread with grape jam. It is sweet and buttery smooth, but lacks any unsavory aftertaste that other products are plagued by. Then, the singularly massive cloud that is released on exhale will have vapers constantly refilling this product. 


Product Description

When users supply their collection with Grape by Jam Monster E-Liquid, they are investing in a flavor that is simple, delicious, and perfect for cloud chasing. The snapping crispness of a fresh-from-the-vine grape is sweet, but not sticky within the initial moment of a draw. While the inhale concludes, their is a supplemental creaminess that produces an appetizing flavor effect. Within the world of e-liquids, this unpolluted flavor is simplicity and performance combined into a single well rounded product. 

Grape by Jam Monster E-Liquid has VG and PG as foundational ingredients. The VG is concentrated to be 75% while the PG is 25%. Because the VG has a more intense percentage, the vapor that fills each draw will impress seasoned pros and novices alike. While the clouds that this liquid produces are intense, the PG still holds enough power to allow the flavor to be enjoyed to the fullest. 

Grape by Jam Monster E-Liquid is packaged into 100mL bottles. Each bottle has a fully incorporated eyelet dropper component which allows users to easily refill any vaping device. The large bottle size is ideal as vapers will want to use this flavor for multiple sessions across multiple days. The formula also has been designed into three nicotine strengths, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Each user is able to achieve their desired level of nicotine intake with Grape.

Jam Monster E-Liquid is an American based company that opened their doors with the intention of creating unpretentious, tasty, and high performing e-liquids. They also recognized that many users would be looking for products that yield intense clouds. As a result, their VG content is more highly saturated in order to generate the satisfying vapor that so many vapers seek. Each product is made in the U.S. and carries a caliber of excellence. 

Strawberry by Jam Monster E-Liquid is another provision within their line of products. The strawberry flavor is tangy and sugary all at once with the unmistakable ode to buttered toast as an undercurrent. The taste is never exhaustive or sickening. With its VG/PG at 75/25, an entire draw is seamless from beginning to end. 

Another flavor created is Apple by Jam Monster E-Liquid. Apple is a tricky flavor to master without also creating a tacky aftertaste. Jam Monster achieves this flavor realization so that users can fully enjoy the taste without any nasty side effects. During a draw, there is a slight sourness that ultimately concludes with an understated sweet note. This variety borders on taking a bite of apple coated toast in the morning. 

While you click through what Jam Monster E-Liquid has to offer, please look through the all inclusive varieties of flavors and manufacturers. also provides as many products as possible to accommodate as many demands as possible. From mods to pens to tanks to batteries, we have a little bit of something for everyone. If you have any questions, please contact our customer care team.

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