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Grape by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid is a flavor packed nod to its vine growing counterpart. This variation was formulated to bring vapers a sense of nostalgia towards the candy filled days of the past. Grape essence manages to be fully realized in this sweet, delicious, and flavorful purple grape powerhouse. While the taste is apparent, it never surrenders any of its idyllic vapor draw and cloud payoff qualities. This e-liquid captures everything that a superior product should.


Product Description

Grape by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid carries with it the distinctive and genuine flavors of a real life grape. Vapers are treated to a draw that starts off with a slight tang, but will always be fulfilled in an all encompassing sweetness. They will also be taken to within a hairs breadth of feeling like they've popped a grape candy into their mouth. The overall effect is one of a completely satisfying draw.

While it is true that this flavor is sweet, vapers need not worry about any sticky, unappealing after taste. This is a side effect that plagues other flavors, but is absent from this particular brand. No session is ruined. The VG percentage is 80 and the PG percentage is 20 in this e-liquid. This formula ensures the the grape flavor is able to be truly enjoyed, but not to the detriment of the vapor payoff. The slightly higher level of VG also makes this product compatible for sub-ohm vaping. All attributes are in perfect harmony which generates an exceptional vaping experience.

Grape by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid has three nicotine concentrations available. The 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg varieties ensure that every vaper is able to access whatever their dilution preference is. This line of flavoring comes in a 60mL bottle. The large size is perfect as many will want to use Grape day after day across several sessions. The e-liquid's lid has a suction style head that draws the flavor up into an eye-dropper applicator. By doing this, Juice Roll-Upz helps ensure that refills are easy and stress free as spills are unlikely. 

Another line of flavoring that Juice Roll-Upz has is their Ice variety. Ice Watermelon Punch is one offering and has the complete infusion of watermelon essence. The unmistakable ode to the fruit is impossible to ignore in a draw, but every inhalation also has an added cooling effect. This is accomplished by the company's addition of menthol to the formulation. This style of product is a welcome addition to any collection. 

In addition to the two lines already mentioned, Juice Roll-Upz also has their Brew E-liqiuds. Brew Frappe is a completely unique reference to cold brewed coffee and will remind users of early mornings spent clinging to a caffeinated lifeline. Frappe comes in a massive 100ml bottle which is perfect as many will want to refill this e-liquid for as many sessions as possible.

Juice Roll-Upz is relatively new to the vaping industry, however, since opening their doors in 2015 in Ontario, CA, they have formulated products that are a paragon of e-liquid achievement. They not only strive to make unique flavors, but they also strive to pump out quality juice. Every product is manufactured in ISO certified facilities so users can rest easy knowing their Juice Roll-Upz e-liquid is not only delicious, but also contaminant free.

While you decide on one of Juice Roll-Upz many flavors, feel free to click through's expansive list of e-liquids, mods, pens, tanks, and accessories. If you have have inquiries, please contact out customer service team. They are knowledgeable and ready to help.

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