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At first glance, "Gravel Pit" doesn't sound like the most appetizing eliquid flavor... but you'll have an "Oh, I get it!" moment once you realize what artesian eliquid manufacturer CRFT is going for with this unique, delicious blend of southern flavors. CRFT describes it as a "roughed up" Georgia peach flavor, thanks to the addition of a guava flavoring as well. This is a really unique pairing, and if you're an adventurous vaper, you're seriously doing yourself a disservice if you don't give it a try - it might quickly become one of your new favorites.


Product Description

Flavor Profile of Gravel Pit Eliquid by CRFT

Imagine yourself on a hot day. You're in Georgia, and you just plucked a juicy, fresh peach right off the branch. That's what CRFT's Gravel Pit eliquid is going to hit you with first. After you get blasted by this surprisingly accurate peach flavor, you'll realize why the manufacturer says that it's been "roughed up," because that'll be when the guava hits you. This tropical, tangy flavor blends with the sweet peach taste to make a truly unique flavor.

If you love fruit flavored vapes but you're getting bored of standard flavors or your current go-to, Gravel Pit is a really smart choice to try out next. This flavor is unique enough to bring some excitement back to your vaping thanks to its unique pairing of sweet Georgia peach and exotic tropical guava - but both of these flavors are familiar enough not to be "weird." This is a really interesting spin on some classics by CRFT, and you won't regret if you decide to try it. If you're looking for a better-than-average fruit or exotic style eliquid, you'll be doing yourself a favor by adding this flavor to your regular rotation.

Guava is actually a fairly difficult flavor to reproduce in eliquid - which you may have noticed if you've tried other bargain-bin style brands before. In addition to the sweet peach flavor, CRFT has done a great job of capturing the tangy, tropical flavor of this fruit. This eliquid even smells good. The 50/50 VG/PG blend means that it works great in tanks - pure VG eliquids tend to not perform as well in some models, but if you prefer to use a tank for the added convenience and mobility, it's possible that you'll make Gravel Pit your "all day" flavor.

If you have a sweet tooth but you're trying to cut down on actual sugars, you might also want to give Gravel Pit a try - it's an excellent replacement for when you've got that sweet tooth craving, without being overly "candy flavored," like a lot of fruit eliquids manage to do. Overall, you'll find that the flavor profile of Gravel Pit is very balanced between fruity and sweet.

Final Thoughts

CRFT has outdone themselves with Gravel Pit. Making it a 50/50 PG/VG blend was a smart move, since the natural sweetness of VG lends itself nicely to these fruit flavors, but if you prefer a bit stronger of a throat hit, you'll appreciate the PG - Gravel Pit is a bold, strong flavor despite its natural fruitiness. Despite not being a pure VG blend - which is popular with fruit flavors - you'll find that it isn't too harsh and you can still blow surprisingly large clouds. It's not really any surprise that CRFT is becoming a well respected brand, known for their artesian eliquids. Gravel Pit is no exception to their standard of quality, so give it a vape as soon as you possibly can.

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