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The Gravity Ceramic Atomizer by KandyPens is the replacement part you need if your existing atomizer has become damaged or subjected to normal wear and tear. Made specifically for one of KandyPens' most popular devices, this coilless atomizer features trademarked SloBurn technology that vapes concentrates to perfection each time. It is made to the same high standards as all devices and parts developed by this brand.


Product Description

The Gravity by KandyPens is a concentrate vaporizer that uses this unique coilless atomizer. It features a ceramic chamber and a ceramic dish for superior heat retention and distribution. The atomizer has an elevated airflow system which helps the Gravity to produce vast clouds of vapor with every draw. Made in the United States, this part uses no glues or dyes and is 510 threaded.

One of the hallmarks of the Gravity Ceramic Atomizer by KandyPens is its leak-proof design. The atomizer also does a stellar job of preventing the clogs that can occur with waxy concentrates. The most impressive feature of this atomizer, however, is its use of SloBurn technology that was developed by KandyPens especially for their atomizers. Concentrates are heated with precision so that they produce the appropriate amount of vapor without burning the concentrate. The result is bold taste that is also kept pure thanks to the natural food grade qualities of the ceramics. Your atomizer should be checked regularly for wear and replaced as necessary.

KandyPens vaporizers have become some of the most popular vape pens on the market, and the Gravity by KandyPens is an award-winning vaporizer than has been honored by The Vape Critic as Best Vape Pen of 2016. It features a temperature controlled battery with four different temperature settings, an elevated airflow to prevent leaks and clogs, and a 10-second auto-shutoff safety feature. One pull from the Gravity and you will understand why KandyPens is a force to be reckoned with.

This ceramic atomizer is also compatible with the Donuts by KandyPens, another powerful vape pen for concentrates. It features no combustion for purer flavor and also ceramic disc technology. The chamber on the Donuts is very deep and can accommodate a vast amount of concentrate.

KandyPens is a vape pen manufacturer based in Santa Barbara, California, an epicenter of vaping culture and vaporizer manufacture. The brand specializes in vape pens for concentrates and has been recognized by nationally-published magazines for their excellence. KandyPens employs a vast number of highly-trained design professionals, many of whom also vape, to come up with their innovative designs. Each vape pen manufactured by this brand has been subjected to extensive quality controls and testing to insure that it affords maximum performance and safety. KandyPens maintains compliance with all industry standard certifications for safety.

When vaping concentrates, heat is the all-important consideration. Too much can create a bitter taste and too little can diminish vapor volume. This atomizer is an OEM part that was produced in the same facilities as atomizers that ship with the original unit. You can purchase one of these replacement parts with confidence that you are getting the very best the brand has to offer.

While you are shopping for a Gravity Ceramic Atomizer by KandyPens, please take time to shop all of the vape pens we carry from this brand. We also stock a large number of replacement parts and accessories for other concentrate vaporizers. If you prefer to vape traditional e-liquids, we have one of the largest selections of any online retailer. If you have a question about this atomizer or any of the products we carry, please do not hesitate to contact us so that one of our staff members can assist you.

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