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A Gravity Quartz Atomizer by KandyPens is the replacement part you need if the coils in your atomizer  are no longer functioning properly. This high-quality atomizer features Titanium coils for superior heat, a quartz crystal chamber for fast warm-up time and great heat retention, and a wickless design that affords great vapor volume and flavor. These atomizers work with both the Gravity by KandyPens and the Donuts by KandyPens.


Product Description

You will appreciate the quartz construction of this atomizer and the way it retains temperature while spreading the heat evenly over a vast surface area. This atomizer is a big reason why Gravity vape pens have been honored for their excellence by many publications. No glues or dyes are used in the construction of this device which helps to further preserve good flavor from your concentrates. The unit is 510 threaded.

The Gravity Quartz Atomizer by KandyPens utilizes Titanium coils for durability and precision heating. This, combined with dual quartz rods, provides the appropriate heating that concentrates require. The elevated airflow system used by KandyPens is especially efficient in preventing leaks and the clogs that can often occur when vaping concentrates. The chamber of the atomizer is deep and allows you to fill it with a generous amount of product. Last but not least, this atomizer is an OEM part that is manufactured under the same standards of quality as original parts for the Gravity.

The Gravity by KandyPens is an award-winning concentrate vaporizer that is sleek and fashionable in addition to being a high-quality vaping device. It has been named the Best Vape Pen of 2016 by The Vape Critic and is also endorsed by a number of high-profile vapers. The device has a temperature controlled battery that can be adjusted to four different settings, and it also has a 10-second auto-shutoff feature to prevent unintended battery discharge.

KandyPens is a top-rated manufacturer of vaping devices located in Santa Barbara, California. In a short period of time the brand has developed some of the best-selling devices on the market. With a focus on that segment of the vaping community that vapes concentrates, this brand has chosen to specialize in vape pens that are powerful, efficient, and compact. Their designs have been honored by national publications as well as vaping websites for outstanding performance.

A big reason that KandyPens vaporizers have been so successful is because the team of designers at the brand includes many individuals that also vape. They are intimately aware of what vapers are looking for in their devices. KandyPens is also fully immersed in vaping culture and maintains a strong connection with vapers across the entire United States and beyond. This closeness gives the brand an inside track on the latest trends and technology.

All products and replacement parts manufactured by KandyPens meet or exceed the industry standard certifications for safety and quality. A great amount of care is invested in the construction of this atomizer and other parts to help guarantee that they function as intended. You can buy with complete confidence that you are getting the best the brand has to offer, and they even stand behind their complete line with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

While you are shopping for a Gravity Quartz Atomizer by KandyPens, take some time to check out our entire line of devices and accessories for vaping concentrates. We also have premium tanks, mods, and vape pens for those who prefer to vape traditional e-liquids, and our selection of premium e-juice blends is one of the largest you will find at any retailer. If you have a question about this atomizer or any of the other products we carry, please do not hesitate to contact us so that one of our team members can assist you.

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