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Green Apple by Bazooka Vape is a sincere ode to its orchard growing, fruit counterpart. As a member of the traditional flavor line from the company, this flavor draws on the taste of a green apple, but also seeks to create a nostalgic moment by being a nod to straw style candy. This variety brings with it all the best attributes of a quality e-liquid. The flavor is intense, the draw is smooth, and the vapor payoff is massive. Green Apple is a welcome friend in any collection of e-liquids. 


Product Description

Because Green Apple by Bazooka Vape is one of the options in their standard flavor line, the taste is able to have its own unencumbered moment. The flavor is dominant, yet subtle. The cloud, however, is anything but subtle. The vapor on exhale creates a singularly impressive cloud that will have users vaping this flavor again and again.

Green Apple's VG/PG ratio is 70%/30%. What this does is allow the essence of the flavor enough space to be enjoyed, but never to the detriment of the exhaled cloud. Creating a completely fulfilling draw is the ultimate goal of this e-liquid. Users can also be rest assured that even after several draws, they won't be left with a nasty after-taste. That is a side effect that can completely ruin a session and is luckily absent from this product.

Green Apple by Bazooka Vape comes in three nicotine concentrations: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The various options allow users to have access to the entire spectrum of whatever their nicotine preference is. Green Apple comes in a gracious 60mL bottle with an eye-dropper style opening. This thoughtful addition ensures that users have access to east refills without having to worry about accidentally spilling the product. 

Bazooka Vape's standard line also has a flavor called Watermelon. Watermelon perfectly captures the flavor of the vine growing fruit for which it is named. With every draw of this e-liquid, vapers will be taken to the very cusp of thinking they are eating an actual watermelon candy. The delicious sweetness and the amazing cloud make this flavor another wonderful addition to an e-liquid collection. 

Another line that Bazooka Vape offers is called Ice. Ice Green Apple is among the offerings. While this flavor still carries with it the true taste of an apple wrapped up in an e-liquid, it also has the additional ingredient of menthol. The overall impact of that additive is one of a soothing, cool draw. This quality makes Ice products unique among the other variations from Bazooka Vape.

Bazooka Vape opened their doors in Los Angeles several years ago. Since then they have curated e-liquids that are fun, flavorful, and nostalgia inducing. Each product is made in America to help ensure a high level of quality. Idyllic customer experiences are at the heart of what the company hopes to achieve.

As you look though Bazooka Vape's many flavor options, search through the expansive supplies, mods, tanks, pens, and e-liquids that has to offer. Please contact our customer service team with any questions or concerns as they are more than happy to help with any inquiries.

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