Green Apple by Ethos Vapors E-Liquid


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Imagine the warm, gooey goodness of those delicious square treats made from crisp rice and marshmallows. Now, add the tangy sensation of green apple candy to the mix. This excellent combination of flavors defines Green Apple by Ethos Vapors E-Liquid, a designer blend that is fun and flavorful. The warmth, smoothness, and aroma of this e-liquid is sure to evoke many pleasant memories.


Product Description

It all begins with the sweet taste of crispy marshmallow treats. You can taste the subtle notes of the marshmallows as they overlay the full-bodied flavor of toasted, puffed rice. These profiles then give way to a mouth-watering burst of green apple that is subtle yet distinct. You can identify each taste while you savor how well they all come together. This particular combination of flavors is incredibly unique, something that Ethos Vapors has become known for.

When combining tastes that have not been blended before, it is critical that a perfect balance be obtained. Green Apple by Ethos Vapors E-Liquid has managed to achieve this balance through a complex steeping process that lets the flavors blend. This e-juice comes in a 60 ml bottle and is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 mg. It is smooth enough in its presentation that it can be vaped all day without becoming overpowering or bitter. It also suits a wide variety of scenarios. It is great as the first vape of the day, and it is just as pleasing when out enjoying nightlife with friends. The aroma of the vapor is pleasing in a way that won’t be too harsh for others.

This relatively new brand insists on quality at each stage of e-liquid creation. Recipes are crafted and then perfected through trial and error. The finest raw materials are sourced from the very best suppliers in the United States. Each batch is tested and must pass checks and measures that insure consistency from one batch to the next. The team at Ethos Vapors includes scientists and flavor artists that are at the top of their field, and some of them have been recognized with awards for excellence.

Other designer e-juices from this popular brand include Strawberry by Ethos Vapors E-Liquid. Also inspired by crispy marshmallow treats, this e-liquid has the sweet taste of juicy strawberries for a flavor that might remind you of a certain fruity breakfast cereal. All e-liquids from this brand meet the most current compliance standards of the industry and are packaged in tight bottles.

Ethos Vapors E-Liquid was founded in 2014. While they haven’t been around as long as some other e-liquid brands, the flavors developed by Ethos have already gained a strong following among vapers who like their e-juices to be as distinct as their own personalities. The brand has a stated mission of following its own path instead of trying to duplicate e-juices or put a simple spin on familiar flavors. This attitude has led to some interesting combinations created by some of the most talented mixologists in the industry. These professionals are working hard to create e-juices that will have mass appeal and stand the test of time.

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