Grizzly by ANML Unleashed E-Liquid


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Grizzly by ANML Unleashed E-Liquid is wild, indulgent fun. Drawing on the iconic sweet treat of milk and cookies, this designer blend puts a new spin on an old favorite. It has notes of chocolate chips that are dark and decadent, and it mixes these with notes of fresh, whole milk. The end result is something familiar with a special twist. You may have tried other milk and cookies flavors, but none of them are quite like this.


Product Description

The first flavor you will encounter when trying this e-juice is that of dark chocolate chips. There is a smoky sweetness that evokes the authentic taste of chocolate. You can really appreciate this flavor on the inhale but it also has a nice finish. The exhale is accompanied with the smooth flavor of whole milk that ties the entire mix together. Unlike some sweeter e-juices, this one does not leave a bitter aftertaste.

One of the best things about Grizzly by ANML Unleashed E-Liquid is its high VG content. This means you'll be getting lots of vapor when you add this to your tank. At the same time, flavor is not sacrificed but kept in perfect balance. That is what happens when you entrust the creation of an e-juice to someone that has impressive culinary credentials.

Another popular variety in this collection is Beast by ANML Unleashed E-Liquid. This one is inspired by the taste of banana pudding. All of the classic elements of the dessert are there. Sweet bananas, creamy pudding, and vanilla cookies. Something you will love about this mix is its aroma. It is very reflective of the real thing but does not overwhelm everyone nearby.

Each variety of ANML Unleashed comes in a 60ml bottle that has awesome external packaging. The box is so cool you'll probably want to save it. The bottles have a dropper that makes filling your tank easy and clean. You can choose from nicotine consistencies of 0, 3, or 6mg to satisfy your own personal preference. The consistency of each flavor makes them most suitable for sub ohm vaping.

ANML Vapors is the brand behind ANML Unleashed. You may have tried some of their original flavors before. All of them were created by the same mixologist behind Gemini Vapors and Philip Rocke Grand Reserve. This flavor artist has years of culinary training. Each batch of ANML Unleashed is handcrafted in very small batches. This allows the mixologist to oversee every part of the process from start to finish. It can take many months for the designer to grant approval to a certain recipe, and that's just the beginning of the process.

Raw materials for these e-juices are sourced from the very best suppliers in the United States. Only the finest natural ingredients are used. Once these ingredients are gathered and the batches are mixed, the next step is to patiently let them steep in state-of-the-art clean rooms. The steeping process is not rushed, and that means you won't need to give your bottles any extra steeping when they arrive.

The creators of ANML Vapors envisioned an e-juice that was made for those with an appreciation for the finer things of life. These really are blends for connoisseurs, but they are priced within the budget of everyone. As a special treat or as a go-to vape, you can't beat ANML Unleashed.

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