Guava Pineapple Orange Disposable by Xtra Bar


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Sweet guava? Check. Tangy pineapple? Check. Juicy orange? Check. Guava Pineapple Orange by Xtra Disposable Bars is the disposable with all the flavor!


Product Description

Introducing Guava Pineapple Orange Disposable by Xtra!

Guava Pineapple Orange Disposable by Xtra Key Features

Infusing three powerhouse fruits they combine for a delightful, tropical melody. Pre-filled with 5.0mL of 5% Salt Nic E-Juice and powered by an internal 600mAh battery, it offers 1500 puffs for unforgettable, all-day fruity flavor. The perfect infusion, make sure to get your hands on Guava Pineapple Orange Xtra Disposable Bar today!

Guava Pineapple Orange Disposable by Xtra laying on coffee table

More on Xtra Disposable Bars

Flavor, flavor, flavor; Xtra Disposable Bars delivers the flavor! Offering the most flavor out of any disposable on the market, each bar is jam packed with delicious, potent vapors. Better than the traditional disposable, each bar is pre-filled with 5.0mL of 5%(50MG) Salt Nic E-Juice and employs an internal 600mAh battery that powers the user through 1500 puffs of flavor. Try out the amazing Orange that tastes better than the real fruit or go with Strawberry Banana, an infusion of juicy strawberry and ripe banana if that’s more your style. With 20 different delectable flavors to choose from, the Xtra Disposable Bars delivers out of this world taste!

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