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Gummy Glu by Lost Art Liquids is a liquid that comes in a colorful 15 ml or 30ml bottle. It is a clear liquid, not giving any indication as to the flavors that are present when smelling or vaping. When you open the bottle, you can detect a hint of fruit. However, it's when you start to vape the liquid that you begin to see the true notes of flavor.


Product Description

This is a liquid that reminds you of a gummy candy that you might have enjoyed while you were younger. It's similar to one of the gummy candies that are in the shape of a ring. There are several fruit notes to the liquid that include strawberry, cherry and blueberry. 

When you taste the liquid as it covers the tongue, you can taste sweet and sour notes that blend together. Some of the sour notes are present from lemons and limes while most of the sweeter notes are from berries. This is a new gummy flavor that is ideal for enjoying on a daily basis. It can be a little sweet for some people who don't expect the intense flavors of the candy. When you warm the liquid to a higher temperature, it can give a slightly burnt taste compared to when the liquid is at a lower temperature. 

The Gummy Glu by Lost Art Liquids is one that has a flavor like a bag of gummy bears. The juice is slightly thicker than some of the other products that are available. This can cause the liquid to get stuck in the coils of the tank and be hard to vape. However, it has a zest when tasted that seems to make up for the thickness of the liquid. It is one that is mouthwatering and is desirable on a regular basis compared to a really sweet flavor or one that has savory notes. The flavor is almost one that reminds you of gummy bears being thrown into a blender and swirled together. 

One of the notes that you taste when first vaping is the sweetness. This leads to the sour notes. Some detect a hint of watermelon that is present in the middle layers of flavor. This is one of the refreshing flavors that goes well with the strawberry and cherry as well as the other berries. The liquid comes in various nicotine levels depending on how much you desire when vaping.

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