H20 Berry by Taffy Man E-Liquid


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With its long days and beckoning nights, summer creates high spirits. If you are a vape enthusiast who delights in the sensory joys of summer, then you will dig this wonderful eliquid from Taffy Man. H20 Berry rewards your taste buds with flavors that will remind you of bygone summer vacations.


Product Description

H20 Berry's Flavor Notes

As you inhale and savor this selection from your favorite vape pen, you will notice that the eliquid's base flavor is watermelon. Atop that sugary flavor, Taffy Man has eloquently placed strawberries.

Do not be surprised if this awesome combination makes you involuntarily shout in glee like you might while watching summer fireworks.

Watch for Dense Clouds

Like the late-afternoon storm titans that arise during the warmest season, H20 Berry's thick clouds of vapor will thrill you. Of course, these clouds will not produce lightning, but they will lighten your spirit with rich aroma.

Who Is Taffy Man?

More than a simple soul, Taffy Man is a spirited brand that produces multiple eliquids in scrumptious flavors. Those stellar juices are sold to dedicated vapers all over the world. After you try one flavor by Taffy Man, you will want to enjoy others.

Cool Packaging

Taffy Man's H20 Berry comes in a box with a design on it that makes it an instant conversation piece. Within the box, you will find a clear bottle with an easy-application dropper.

Inside the Bottle

H20 Berry's bottle contains 30 milliliters of the smashing eliquid. You can choose from four nicotine concentrations, which are zero, three, six and 12 milligrams.

How to Best Enjoy H20 Berry

If you are the sort who likes to hang out with a crowd, bring enough H20 Berry to share in your favorite pen. It will make you the most popular person at a shindig.

H20 Berry also completes a lovely evening spent in one's own company. Savor it alone or with your favorite summer beverage. 

Of course, you do not need to wait until summer to order your bottle of this exceptional eliquid. It contains flavors that will make you feel warm and bright in any month.

Add It to Your Collection!

We cater to vape enthusiasts who are connoisseurs of the top ejuice varieties. H20 Berry by Taffy Man would be a worthwhile addition to your flavor selection. You can compare it to other fruity styles while considering which brand best tingles your taste buds and soothes your summer-loving soul.

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