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The Halo Aurora Atomizer by Dr. Dabber is the perfect choice if you use waxy, crumbly concentrates. It uses a combination of ceramics and quartz to provide efficient heating that does an exceptional job of covering a larger surface area. The benefit of this coil-less, wickless atomizer is greater vapor volume and intense flavor. The atomizer has a magnetic connection that makes attaching it to the vape pen convenient and easy. You'll also appreciate the deep dish which can hold more material.


Product Description

When vaping concentrates, the method in which heat is dispersed is all-important. Too much heat over a small surface area can create a burnt or bitter taste that ruins the vaping experience. This atomizer has no wicks and no coils. It uses a ceramic heating element that is placed in a quartz dish. Both of these materials are superior because they retain heat so well. Another big advantage of ceramics and quartz is that both are naturally food safe and odor free. That means fewer impurities and more taste.

You'll notice that the Halo Aurora Atomizer by Dr. Dabber uses magnetic connections that are much easier to manage than the standard threading found on many devices. All you have to do is snap the atomizer into place and you're good to go. The deep dish of fine quartz provides a lot of area to load concentrates, so you'll be refilling less and enjoying longer vaping sessions.

Other Dr. Dabber vaporizer replacement parts and accessories include the Quartz Aurora Atomizer by Dr. Dabber. This atomizer combines Titanium and quartz for superior heating. The Titanium coils are long-lasting and they are wrapped around quartz rods. As heat is quickly generated by the coils, it is transferred to the rods where quartz helps to retain heat for a longer period and disperse it evenly. This atomizer also uses a magnetic connection, and it too has a deep dish for more concentrate volume.

The Aurora Vaporizer by Dr. Dabber has been named the Best Vape Pen and mentioned in the pages of Forbes and Men's Health. It has a very low-profile design that includes a sleek, black satin finish. It is a very portable device, but make no mistake about its power. The vaporizer has three different heat settings which are designed to accommodate differences in the consistency of concentrates. Dr. Dabber developed the low-heat technology that is used in these vape pens, and the result is a perfect draw each time. The vapor is generous and the taste is bold, just like you want a concentrate vaporizer to deliver.

Dr. Dabber was founded with a single goal. The company wanted to create the best vape pen for concentrates on the market. That was quite a few years ago, and time has proven that the company accomplished its lofty goal. The process at the company begins with months of research and development that is carried out by trained industry professionals. Dr. Dabber spares no expense in getting things just right and producing devices that are reliable, durable, and precise.

All devices manufactured by Dr. Dabber come with a 1-year No Questions Asked warranty. This warranty does not apply to coil architectures and other parts that regularly require replacement. You can purchase with confidence that Dr. Dabber will replace any item that is defective on arrival.

While you are shopping GotVape.com for a Halo Aurora Atomizer by Dr. Dabber, be sure to check out all of the devices and accessories we carry for vaping dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates. If you prefer traditional e-juices, we have premium tanks, mods, and accessories from all of the top brands. Our e-liquid collection is one of the largest to be found at any online retailer. If you have a question about this atomizer or any of the items we carry, please contact us so that one of our friendly staff members can assist you.

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