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Heady Glass

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Looking for Heady Glass

Heady Glass is perhaps one of the most distinctive types of glassware on the market for smoking or vaporization purposes. These types of pieces are usually made as one of a kind works or a least made in limited supply. They are intended to be eye-catching products that border on being works of art. Heady glass is typically blown and worked by expert glass craftsmen who use their skills to fabricate artistic, abstract, modern, and colorful glass pipes. The creativity that is innate in each piece does not come at the cost of functionality.They are easily distinguishable from scientific glass which is generally clear in color quality.

Heady glass has always been viewed within the dry herb and concentrate community with a somber appreciation. Collectors, whether novice or seasoned veteran, view these pieces as highly desirable and worth displaying no matter their intention for use. The adoration of these beautifully crafted units has also pushed the artistic creation community to evolve, innovate, and craft heady glass that customers would want to invest in. Part of the intrigue for expert glass artists is to create something that appeals to users aesthetically, but that also maintains a high level of functionality. This is not to say that every piece is abstract in its structure either. They can take on animal forms, project plant life nuances, or be designed to look like almost anything that the mind can imagine. 

It is almost impossible to confuse heady glass with any other type of product. The complex design qualities, physically unique forms, and integrity of the glass are common attributes. 

General Structure of Heady Glass Pieces

While the arrangement of the glass may appear complex, the general utility and components that make up a piece are the same. There is a mouthpiece, a chamber (this can sometimes be water filled, design allowing), a void section that fills with vapor, and a stem that if capped by a bowl. Often times heady glass is lumped into the same category as glass pipes. However, the vibrant hues and distinctive, imaginative designs set this type of piece apart from other varieties. 

How to Choose the Right Piece for Yourself

At, we stock an expansive variety of heady glass pieces. Choosing the right one boils down to a couple of easy considerations. First and foremost, you want to be drawn to the way the piece looks. Because appearance is the primary thing that marks heady glass for what it is, this will likely be the initial decision making factor. Try to first narrow down the selections by only considering ones you enjoy the aesthetic of the most.

You will then want to think about how you will be using the device. While each one fulfills its functional purpose, if you intend this to be your main means of drawing, then there are some products that will perform better than others. If you are more looking for an item to be a statement, artistic piece, that will impact the heady glass you buy. This also relates to the structure of the piece. Because many have intricate designs, there may also be fragile design components to it. Extensive use and movement put those pieces as risk for breaking.