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Helix Bar Disposables

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So, what is a Disposable bar?

Disposable vaporizers or disposable bars as they are often known are all-in-one vapes that offer flavor and when done, just throw it away. Coming with everything you need, they are pre-filled, requiring no maintenance or charging.

Coming in different varieties, Disposable vaporizers deliver impressive hits and vapor production. Simply use them and dispose of them when you are done. Super easy!

Helix Bar How to Use

How to Use a Disposable?

Disposable vaporizers are typically pretty easy to use and a straightforward process. Filled with Salt Nic they don’t require much and can be used with guidance:

1. First start by removing the vape or bar from its package.

2. Next, since most disposables are draw activated, simply inhale to start. If there is a button, press to power on. An indicator light will flash and turn on signaling the vape is ready to use.

3. Inhale through the mouthpiece. If there is no button, draw and the vaporizer will light up ready for use.

4. Exhale the vapor and enjoy!

Generally, for first time users it is best to take smaller draws. This helps so when inhaling you take in less vapor allowing you to not overwhelm yourself. For new users, some deep inhalations and massive vapor can be unpleasant.

More on Helix Bars

Helix Disposable Bars are the disposables with flavor! Coming in 10 different delicious flavors such as Mango ICE, Blue Raspberry, Mint and much more. With Mango Ice tasting of tangy mango with a cooling menthol kick, Blue Raspberry reminiscent of the incredible fruit itself and refreshing Mint with exhilarating inhales, one puff from an Helix Bar and you’ll soon be engulfed in extreme, out of this world flavor all from a small disposable handheld. Each bar is pre-filled with a 2.3mL capacity and 5%(50MG) Salt Nic strength.

Draw activated bars utilize an integrated 500mAh battery delivering over 600 puffs. Packed with flavor, enjoy these disposables whenever, wherever.