Hell Hound Series Pro Mechanical Box Mod Kit by Wulf Mods


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The Hell Hound Series Pro Mechanical Box Mod Kit by Wulf Mods is the culmination of years of experience from the Wulf Mods brand. This kit includes both a Hell Hound Pro Mechanical Box Mod and a Hell Hound RDA, or rebuildable drip atomizer. The two components form one of the most powerful vaporizers on the market. The device is made from durable materials including copper and stainless steel, the RDA produces large clouds thanks to the coil system, and it has 7V direct output. 


Product Description

The Wulf Mods brand is one of the premier manufacturers of top-tier vaporizers, box mods, and spare vaporizer parts available on the market. The Hell Hound Series Pro Mechanical Box Mod Kit by Wulf Mods is one of their best devices. The device is practical, strong, and well-designed, representing years of hard work and determination from Wulf Mods.

The first component of the The Hell Hound Series Pro Mechanical Box Mod Kit by Wulf Mods is the Hell Hound Pro Mechanical Box Mod. It has a minimalist design with the Wulf Mods logo blazing across the side of the unit, and it has a single firing button in a light copper color. The device can produce up to 7.4V of output power, which makes it incredibly powerful. This box mod can produce huge clouds with very little effort. The device also features improved airflow and venting, along with an internal On/Off switch.

The second component that makes up this kit is the Hell Hound RDA, or rebuildable drip atomizer. The unit has a sturdy construction of stainless steel and copper. The center post includes two holes for easily switching out the coils, and it is made from copper milled directly to the base. The outer posts are made from stainless steel and provide a stable anchor point for the coils. Coils can either be bought pre-wrapped or made entirely by hand depending on the preference of the user. The posts hold the coils in place via small screws, and the coils are ready to use once they are in place and cotton has been applied to them as a wick.

The well in the Hell Hound RDA has a maximum capacity of 1.5ml. This RDA has been improved with greater airflow to help it produce larger clouds of delicious vapor. The posts are milled with 2.5mm holes, so the coils can be changed with ease. The unit produces some of the purest vapor possible thanks to the inert stainless steel and copper construction of the well.

Here at GotVape.com, we appreciate the premium value of Wulf Mods vaporizers, and our inventory includes a full range of Wulf Mods vaporizer replacement parts. We have several Wulf Mods batteries, Wulf Mods tanks, and Wulf Mods replacement coils. The Hell Hound Series Pro Mechanical Box Mod Kit by Wulf Mods will require two of the 18650 IMR Mod Batteries by Wulf Mods, which we have in stock.

Since this device requires new coils relatively frequently, it is a good idea to keep some on hand. We have pre-rolled coils like the Straight Pre-Wrapped Kanthal Coils 6 pk by Wulf Mods, and we also have raw wire like the Straight Kanthal Wire 10 ft by Wulf Mods. Both of these will require the addition of a cotton wick, which can be made from the Kamikazi Cotton 6 pk by Wulf Mods.

WARNING: Do not charge with a powerbank of 5V or higher. Do not charge in your car. Do not overcharge or use any other charging cable other than what comes with your battery. Failure to follow these instructions could result in battery damage and frying of the internal system.

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