Helmet Tank Dual Coil Clapton 5 pk by SMOK


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The Helmet Tank Dual Coil Clapton 5pk by SMOK gives you five replacement coils for one of the most popular tanks produced by SMOK. These coils were specifically designed for the Helmet Sub Tank by SMOK and feature a highly effective airflow system that will deliver optimum flavor and voluminous clouds. They are available in resistances of 0.4 ohms and 0.6 ohms and use 100% organic cotton.


Product Description

The secret to a long-lasting coil that will deliver optimum flavor and vapor volume is rooted in the materials used for construction. The 100% organic cotton used in these coils results in a cleaner vape that is smooth and never bitter. The top-cap assembly and bottom-feeding style of these coils goes a long way toward the elimination of leakage while preserving the ability of the coils to deliver robust flavor. While replacing the coils in your sub tank is unavoidable, it can be done less often when you use these superior coils from SMOK.

Coils in the Helmet Tank Dual Coil Clapton 5pk by SMOK feature the popular Clapton design that is prized for its ability to deliver efficient and effective heat. They perform best in a wattage range of 20W-60W. These coils should be changed every three to four weeks depending on how often you vape, and keeping spares on hand is a perfect way to minimize down time. Simply order a new pack when you have a couple of coils left.

SMOKTech replacement coils also include the TFV4 Tank Octuple Coils TF-T8 5 pk by SMOK and the TFV8 Tank Sextuple Coils V8-T6 3 pk by SMOK for those who prefer other models of SMOKTech tanks. All replacement coils from SMOKTech are OEM parts, manufactured to the same high standards of quality as all original parts. They are also compliant with the most recent quality certifications mandated by the industry. Vaping at low resistances carries its own concerns and should only be done by those who have experience with sub tanks and mods.

SMOKTech Mods include the Alien Box Mod Kit by SMOK, a compact unit that features a sleek, ergonomic design. As with all products developed by this brand, including the Helmet Sub Tank by SMOK, the focus is on reliability and affordability. The price of SMOK products is reasonable and the quality is routinely given high ratings and reviews. Many first time sub tank users also choose SMOKTech tanks because they are user-friendly and can be operated by the novice, but experienced vapers also appreciate them because of their reputation for quality.

SMOK was founded in 2010 by individuals that have vast experience in the vaping industry. Since that time the brand has focused on developing innovative and intuitive products that embrace the latest developments in vaporizer technology. The company has grown from a small brand into an international presence that is now represented on multiple continents. All products manufactured by this brand are subjected to the highest standards and quality controls. In many cases, that includes actual customer simulation. Each year, SMOK introduces new devices that are more intuitive and intelligent. This reflects their commitment to providing the products that vapers want.

While you are shopping GotVape.com for a Helmet Tank Dual Coil Clapton 5pk by SMOK, be sure to check out all of the tanks and mods from this popular brand. We also have one of the largest selections of designer e-liquids of any online retailer. If you have a question or concern about these replacement coils or any of the products we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us via email so that we can assist you.

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