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HerbalAire Vaporizers

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HerbalAIRE Vapes

Based in Canada, HerbalAIRE has been developing affordably-priced desktop vaporizers for dry herbs, essential oils, and concentrates since 2004. Their use of proprietary technology has given HerbalAIRE Vaporizers an innovative and intuitive appeal that please vapers worldwide.

HerbalAIRE was founded by Bohdan Petyhyrycz, an inventor with multiple patents to his credit. The same engine that was developed by Petyhyrycz for use in the original HerbalAIRE prototypes was so effective that it still powers the vaporizers developed by the company today. These vaporizers are heralded for their effective method of heating, precision, and versatility.

The HerbalAire H2.1

The HerbalAIRE Vaporizer H2.1 was one of the original models developed by this brand. The versatility of the unit immediately set it apart as a high-quality device. It supports direct inhalation, bag fill, and even whip setups and is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Few desktop units can achieve the same amount of functionality. The brand built upon the success of this original unit to develop its HerbalAIRE H3 Vaporizer which introduces new features such as a raised top which permits a higher capacity chamber and a protective lens to magnify the temperature dial.

Vaporizers from this brand are backed with a 3-year Warranty against manufacturer defects and supported by the overall integrity of the brand. The company has worked hard to ensure its products are compliant with the most recent certifications in the industry for both safety and quality.

HerbalAire Accessories

HerbalAIRE Vaporizer Replacement Parts include the HerbalAIRE Vaporizer Balloon 3pk, a convenient and affordable way to purchase replacement balloon material. There is also the HerbalAIRE Vaporizer Easy Make Bag Kit which includes everything you need to customize the size of your own balloons. The HerbalAIRE Vaporizer Teflon Mouthpiece does a superb job of cooling vapor as it reaches your mouth for a more comfortable vaping experience.

HerbalAIRE is the Mini Volcano

Dubbed the “Mini Volcano” by many in the vaping community, these vaporizers offer a comparable level of performance with that more famous desktop unit, and they offer it at a more reasonable price. You will find that the features on one of these vaporizers exceed expectations for a desktop unit.

The vaporizers produced by HerbalAIRE are designed for those individuals who most often vape dry herbs in the comfort of their home. Sleek and stylish, these units are right at home with the other devices on your countertop. Additionally, they are user-friendly and require very little training to operate. If you are already familiar with a desktop unit then you’ll have no problem at all using one of these units right out of the box. If you are new to desktop units, the learning curve will be shortened.

Purity of Vapors Changes With HerbalAire

Purity of the vaping experience is given premium consideration at HerbalAIRE. These units are made from odor-free and food-safe materials that help to render vapor which is less susceptible to impurities. The result is a sizable amount of vapor and intense flavor from your plant material. The heating technology used in the units is of a variety which is perfectly suited to dry herbs. Heat is disbursed evenly over a broad surface area to create the perfect amount of vapor every time. Why spend more on a desktop vaporizer when you can achieve the same experience with an affordably priced unit from HerbalAIRE?

While you are shopping for a HerbalAIRE desktop vaporizer, take some time to check out all of the vaping products and accessories we offer. If you have a question about this brand or any of the others we stock, please feel free to contact us so that one of our friendly customer service associates can assist you today.