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High Voltage Batteries

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Top Notch High Voltage Batteries

High Voltage Batteries achieve the right balance needed in a vaporizer battery for optimum performance. High Voltage maximizes the current technology to produce 18650 batteries and Sub Ohm batteries that are powerful and compact while making use of safe chemistry. The brand places a premium on safety and works hard to enforce the strictest of quality controls.

The choices when it comes to vaporizer batteries is vast. Both experienced vapers and beginners often find themselves overwhelmed when trying to select a replacement battery. There are some very basic concepts that need to be defined. A battery's power is explained in terms of amperage. The amperage will reveal how much power a battery is capable of delivering at one time. You should know that few batteries actually achieve their maximum amperage and usually fall just under it. The life cycle of a battery is expressed in mAh, or Milliamp hours. The higher this number is the longer the battery will last overall. A Sub Ohm tank, one of the more popular types of vaporizer, lets an individual vape at a resistance of less than 1 ohm. Choosing the right battery for this type of tank is particularly crucial because the battery must work harder at a low resistance.

There are some limitations in the present technology for batteries. These restrictions cause an offset in mAh and amperage. As a general rule, an increase in one represents a decrease in the other. Batteries with high amperage can require more frequent charging. Batteries with high mAh do not need to be charged as often but may not provide adequate power for some tanks. High Voltage Batteries has done an exceptional job of finding a good middle ground that gives Sub Tanks the power they need while extending the length of time a battery can be used.

The High Voltage 18650 35 Amp Battery is a great example of how batteries can achieve a balance. Powerful enough to handle heavy loads, it also boasts 2500 mAh. It is built to the specifications of some of the best designers in the industry. The Matrix Sub Ohm Battery by Vision for High Voltage is precisely designed for Sub Tanks and 40w of output. It can be conveniently charged with a micro USB and is suitable for vaping at resistances as low as 0.25 ohms. Both of these batteries are compatible with many popular tanks and mods. 

Batteries are Integral to Vaporizer Function

Because batteries are such an integral part of vaporizer function, many brands have appeared in the marketplace. Unfortunately, some of them are not reputable. A poorly made battery can present significant risks to a vaporizer and to vapers themselves. Therefore, you must choose your batteries with care from a trusted brand such as High Voltage and a trusted retailer like Otherwise, you could end up with a battery that is useless at best or unsafe at worst.

High Quality Materials for High Voltage Batteries

High Voltage uses the best materials under the supervision of the best designers and engineers to ensure levels of quality and safety that exceed those of many other brands. The company spends much time in the process of innovation to keep extending the functionality of a vaporizer battery to keep pace with current technology.

While you are shopping for High Voltage Batteries, be sure to check out our entire line of premium tanks, mods, vape pens, and accessories. We also have one of the largest selections of e-liquid that you will find at any vape shop. If you have questions or concerns about the type of battery you need, please chat with us live or via email so that we can assist you.