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High Voltage Replacement Coils

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High Voltage Replacement Coils

High Voltage is known for producing the highly-popular Matrix Sub Tank, a favorite among vapers who like to Sub Ohm. High Voltage Replacement Coils for the Matrix and other Sub Tanks are available at These coils reflect the superior craftsmanship of the High Voltage brand and boast premium materials that produce a smooth yet satisfying vape. High Voltage has also garnered acclaim for keeping their products affordably priced while staying in step with the latest advances in technology.

Hiring the best research and development professionals is where it all begins at High Voltage. The company spends vast amounts of money each year on innovation in order to perfect their Sub Tanks and coils. Sub Tanks vape at resistances of less than 1 ohm and are known for producing vast clouds of vapor in addition to bold flavor from e-juices. In this niche of the vaping community, things change quickly as better designs emerge and newer technology is implemented. To stay ahead of the curve, the engineers at High Voltage are invested in a process of self-regulation at every turn. The company also maintains all of the industry-standard certifications put in place to guarantee safety and quality.

It is important that Sub Tank coils satisfy some basic requirements. First, they must be safe. Coils are the conveyor of heat in a Sub Tank and can pose safety risks if not properly constructed. Next, they need to achieve a standard durability, meaning that they will last between three and four weeks between replacements depending on how often one vapes. Finally, coils must support vaping at low resistances. All of these considerations must be taken into account during production, and High Voltage satisfies each one.

The Matrix Sub Ohm Tank Coils 5 pk by High Voltage available at use dual vertical coils which create a smokestack effect and produce huge clouds. They are capable of handling up to 100w of power and are made from Kanthal wire, an industry standard for superior performance. A rectangular shape and organic Japanese cotton wicking further enhance the functionality of these coils. Matrix coils are not compatible with other High Voltage tanks.

High Voltage Dual Coil Technology

The Sub Tank Coils 5 pk by High Voltage also feature dual coil technology and an 0.2 ohm resistance rating. They are compatible with a variety of High Voltage Sub Tanks and deliver the same precision heating as Matrix coils. Replacing the coils in your Sub Tank is simple and involves removing the battery and base cap from the tank. The old coil is unscrewed, the new one is inserted, and the entire process takes only a few moments from start to finish. Both varieties of coils come in convenient and economical packages of five. 

Beginning Vaping With High Voltage Coils

While Sub Ohm vaping is typically enjoyed by more experienced vapers, High Voltage has made it easy for beginners to try this popular method. Everything about High Voltage Replacement Coils and the vaporizers made by the brand is geared toward simplicity through innovation. The company succeeds, however, where others who attempt this often fail. Even though High Voltage vaporizers and coils are simply made and user-friendly, they perform as well or better than Sub Tanks that are more expensive and complex. 

While you are shopping at for High Voltage Replacement Coils, don't forget to check out our entire inventory of tanks, mods, and replacement parts. You can also pick up a premium e-liquid from one of the many brands we carry. If you have any questions about which coils are right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat or email so that we can assist you.