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High Voltage Tanks

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Vaporizer Tanks by High Voltage

With a name like High Voltage, you tend to expect a lot. The company delivers, and it offers products that meet demanding specifications to give you an outstanding vaping session. You'll love the high-quality design, attention to detail and intuitively designed products that make your session a literal dream of delicious vapor. The company has been in the business for several years and brings with it several notable pieces of equipment designed to help vapers get more out of their experience. 

High Voltage History and Culture

The tanks are designed in California, and the company uses high-quality components to make certain that all of the tanks are suitable for professional use. The company seeks to make tanks that offer a combination of performance and quality design to enable vapers to get the best possible vaping experience. The company uses designs that look great and are also highly functional. Products are designed to push the envelope of what is possible for a seasoned vaper. All of their products are designed to give maximum power, extreme airflow and a high degree of reliability. 

The company produces products that are considered to be intended only for the advanced vaper. This is largely due to the high amount of power and specialized knowledge that is required to use any mod. By using high-quality materials and making sure all of their units meet stringent demands, the company is able to provide outstanding products with exceptional performance. The company aims to make all of its products simple, reliable and intuitive to put the emphasis on the vaping experience and not on trying to get the equipment to work properly.

High Voltage Product Line

The company is known for its sub-ohm tanks and it's ability to get an effective and powerful unit in an extremely compact size. The tanks are designed to be high-capacity, so you don't have to stop in the middle of your vaping session to refill your product. Tanks are also designed to be extremely easy to use and compatible with a host of mod options. You can build your own custom vape tank using one of these devices to ensure you have the right settings for your needs. With the ability to set the airflow to your desired setting on many of the devices, you'll be able to experience and exceptional overall session.

Product Components

Most products designed by the company are intended to be highly compatible and easy to maintain. You'll be able to disassemble the products with ease and cleaning is also a breeze due to the high-quality rust- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Products use heat-resistant glass to give you a cooler vapor, and the materials are designed to give you an exceptional flavor. 

Sub Ohm & Matrix Tanks by High Voltage

Two highly-reviewed products include the Sub Ohm Tank by High Voltage and the Matrix Sub Ohm Tank by High Voltage. The Sub Ohm tank comes with a 5ml tank that gives you plenty of capacity to enjoy a prolonged vaping experience. You'll also be able to control your airflow using 0.55mm to 3mm airflow holes, which when combined with 0.2 ohms coils can offer an outstanding session. If you want simple maintenance, you'll love this tank. 

The Matrix Sub Ohm Tank by High Voltage is a new tank that uses cutting-edge technology to give you an exceptional vaping session. It uses a rectangular coil design to offer maximum airflow, and you'll enjoy the 0.2 ohms or 0.6 ohms Matric coil that produces from 30 to 60 watts. It also uses a stainless steel construction and Pyrex material for a heat-resistant product in a 22mm diamater form factor.