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Taste of sherbet Ice Cream

Wanting a bowl of key lime sherbert ice cream on a hot summer's day? Iron Clad, a brand from Hold Fast Vapors, is here to offer you your fix. Iron clad is quickly becoming known for its quality e-liquids and this flavor explains why. Ironclad from Hold Fast Vapors offers a delightful fruity creamy flavor, Key Largo. This E-liquid is amazingly smooth and tingles your taste buds in a way that leaves you wanting more. 

This well-blended vape from Ironclad gives you the refreshingly crisp taste of key lime over the cool clean sherbert. These flavors together taste like a bowl of your favorite sherbert. It is a calming and relaxing experience that will make it a favorite and surely make it an all day vape flavor for any connisseur. 

The smoothly blended crisp lime combines well with the creamy sherbert flavor that delivers an intense vape that will leave your mouth watering. These two flavors combine to make a tasty dessert vape flavor. Refreshingly cool crisp lime and creamy sugary sherbert combine to make the ultimate in relaxing vape experiences. You will feel like you are eating key lime pie on an island vacation. This e-liquid brings a summertime classic to life in your vaporizer. 

Sour and Tangy Sour Dream

This brand brought to you by Hold Fast Vapors will be bringing yet another classic to life in April/May 2016, Sour Dream. A tangy, sugary mix to remind you of your favorite sour candy, Sour Dream is the ultimate in vaping experience. Since they are quickly becoming known for their high quality, it is sure to bring the best ingredients together into a blended yet intense vape. 

This brand new flavor is soon to be released and will leave your mouth watering for more. It combines the crisp fruit and sour sugary flavors of the candies to bring your taste buds a tingle. This vape will draw you in with each high quality puff and leaves your craving for sweet aromatic puffs satisfied. 

Introducing Iron Clad

Iron clad by Hold Fast Vapors has been introduced to the vape community with two new flavors, Key Largo and Sour Dream. Their two new intense, quality vape liquids have shown that they are about bringing high quality taste to the vape community. Each flavor combines unique tastes into a well-blended smooth vaping experience, leaving you wanting it until the last puff. The only question is, what is next for this brand?