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Think summer. Think graham crackers. Think honey. Now think Honey Bear! This vape flavor was crafted by one of the premier e-liquid producers, Marina Vape. Made by vapers for other vapers, these flavors are designed to be enjoyed all day. Honey Bear is blended in such a way that you get all the benefits of something sweet. But, as you can see on the label, this Honey Bear packs a punch.


Product Description

You can adjust the amount of your nicotine level to get an a bit of an edge to your vaping experience, but it never stops delivering like an after dinner snack of graham crackers dipped in honey.

Imagine a long day at work, or even worse, a Friday afternoon stuck in a thirty minute traffic delay. Rather than allow your day to go from bad to worse, put together a little bit of honey sweetness for yourself. No longer are you focused on the stresses of your day, or the stresses of the traffic. No, you're being transported back to a simpler time, a better time, and after school snack time when you and your friends would have cookies after elementary school. Suddenly, your mouth is flooded with honey flavor, flooded with graham cracker flavor, and it's exactly like you are eating a cookie. The traffic doesn't seem so bad, and your day doesn't seem so bad. And it's all made possible by Honey Bear E-Liquid.

Or let's say you've already made it home on a Friday evening. It's not quite dinner time, and it's nowhere near time to hit the club. What's really nice about Honey Bear E-Liquid is that, by its very nature, it is mellow. It's certainly more mellow than you are. It's perfect for filling the time between appointments, meetings, or even parties. Because it's mellow, it will make you mellow, filling your mouth with the flavor of graham crackers dipped in soothing, mellow honey. Take your mind off your responsibilities, just for a little while, with Honey Bear E-Liquid.

Honey Bear E-Liquid is made with real California honey. Who doesn't like honey? Who doesn't like graham crackers? Honey and graham crackers are flavors that are universally loved. And thanks to the high quality ingredients, Honey Bear is also perfect for sharing. Honey Bear E-Liquid is the perfect flavor for groups, and especially for parties. You'll like it too. Order a vial today!

Flavor by Marina Vape

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