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Horizon Tech Replacement Coils

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Horizon Tech Replacement Coils

The coils in a Sub Ohm tank are crucial to a great vape, and has Horizon Tech Replacement Coils available to make your repairs quick and easy. Horizon Tech is a recognized leader in Sub Ohm vaporizer design and production. Experienced vapers who understand the complexities of Sub Ohming trust this brand to deliver premium quality and construction.

Horizon Tech places a premium on research and development. Vast funds are allocated by the brand each year to hire the best research and development specialists and perfect new technologies for Sub Ohm tanks and the coils they use. A key part of this process for Horizon Tech is listening to the feedback from customers. Those who Sub Ohm are choosy and know what features work best. The brand evaluates this feedback and incorporates it into the design of their coils and tanks.

Quality control at Horizon Tech raises the bar for the entire vaping industry. It begins with the brand passing various international certifications. The environment in which the brand produces its products is a benchmark of efficiency. Horizon Tech uses a variety of testing methods which include actual customer simulation. This process of regulation guarantees consistency across the entire Horizon Tech product line. 

Two other important things that make this brand reliable are the use of procurement experts and market experts. Procurement experts are tasked with finding the highest quality materials for construction. They scour providers to find the best raw materials. Market experts keep their finger on the pulse of vaping trends. They know what vapers are craving and make recommendations based on a wealth of market information. When you add all of this up, the sum total is a brand that is completely invested in excellence from the highest levels to the most rudimentary parts of the process.

Horizon Tech and Arctic Coils

Horizon Tech Replacement Coils include the Arctic Coils 5 pk by Horizon Tech. These coils make use of Bottom Turbine Coil Technology. This is an example of how the brand innovates in the design of coils. There are multiple varieties of these coils to choose from but the ones you will find at are specifically for use in Sub Tanks. To get the best performance from a Sub Tank, heat must be spread out over a large surface. If the coils don't perform as required, there is less flavor and less vapor production. These are two of the primary reasons vapers Sub Ohm, so keeping the coils of a Horizon Tech Vaporizer in good working order is a must. We sell them in a convenient pack of five so that you can replace the coils according to how often you vape. Typically, replacing Sub Tank coils once a month on average can be expected with heavy vaping.

Practical Arctic BTDC 2 Coils

We also have the Arctic BTDC 2 Coil 5 pk by Horizon Tech available in our inventory. The ArcticTank series offered by Horizon Tech is a favorite among those who Sub Ohm owing to its use of premium materials like organic cotton and the incorporation of four faced airflow valves. Clearly, Horizon Tech has a fondness for this popular type of vaping and it shows in their craftsmanship.

While you are shopping at for your Horizon Tech Replacement Coils, don't forget to take a peek at all of the Sub Tanks and accessories we offer. If you need something simpler like a vape pen or standard mod, we have those as well in addition to a vast assortment of e-liquids. Our friendly customer service staff is always willing to answer any questions you may have about Horizon Tech products via our live chat system or email.