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Hot Box Vapors Vaporizers

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Hot Box Vaporizers

Hot Box Vaporizers is one of the leading suppliers of vaporizers that you can use at home. Its founders noticed some of the problems and issues that were common with other types of vaporizers, including how long it took to simply use one. They went back to the drawing board and came up with a model that vape lovers could use in mere seconds. With products from this company, you can Originally released in 2002, its line of vaporizers now includes some great designs that feature popular bands and actors. Find Hot Box Vaporizers here at Got Vape.

Hot Box Basic Vape Model

Start your search for a Hot Box Vapors Vaporizers with a look at its basic or base model. This set comes with the vaporizer itself, which looks like an ordinary little box. You'll also get glass wand that consists of two pieces and a mouthpiece made of glass. The glass wand lets you use the vaporizer without getting your hands dirty. Hot Box Vapors also includes replacement screens, tubing that measures three feet, a compact o-ring and a a glass poker that also acts as a stirrer for mixing your favorite blends.

Ground Glass Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors

Upgrading to the ground glass vaporizer is great for those who like vaping with friends and loved ones. Featuring an exterior coating made from ground white glass, this vaporizer will catch the eye and call out to anyone who steps foot in your room. Other vaporizers produce so many vapors that you might feel overwhelmed when you take your first hit. Those models can also lead to you wasting some of your dried herbs because the designs force you to inhale too deeply. This model comes with tubing that you connect to the front, which reduces the strength and overall power of the vapors.

Sleek and Contemporary Vaporizers

Another option is the Hot Box Vapors that features an exterior coating made of ground green glass. While the white model looks sleek and contemporary, this model has a more traditional look. You can place it on any shelf without worrying that someone might see it because it blends into the background. Though it might look fairly basic, it comes with all the features that previous models do. Plastic tubing helps you take the perfect size hit each and every time, and it comes with a matching mouthpiece that you can use on your own or share with others.

Hot Box Custom Vapors

One reason for the popularity of vaporizers from Hot Box Vapors is that customers can customize their models. All you need is a little paint or some stickers to transform the box into the perfect accessory for your home or bedroom. While the company offers customized models that features images of $100 bills, popular rock bands and even Cheech & Chong on the top, you can easily decorate your box with things you already have around your home. Other designs available from Hot Box Vapors feature a stone finish or decorations created by popular artists.

Using vaporizers of this type is completely different than using portable vaporizers. Portable vaporizers come with one mouthpiece and an internal reservoir that holds just enough liquid for a single day's use. With a larger vaporizer from Hot Box Vapors, you can keep the right amount inside for sharing with the largest of groups, making one of these vaporizers a great option for a fraternity or anyone who loves having fun with friends. Find a range of vaporizers from Hot Box Vaporizers available for sale at Got Vape today. Pick up a new vaporizer that you can share before your next party.