Hummingbird Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors


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The Hummingbird Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors is a revolutionary inhalation device designed to enhance your vaping experience. Through its innovative design and effective performance, it is sure to deliver potent, billowy clouds for out of this world sessions. Patented with stone and tile construction this highly engineered device is a must have for any collection.


Product Description

Enjoy endless sessions with the help of the Hummingbird Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors. This amazing multipurpose inhalation device utilizes a simplistic and effective design for a healthier, elevated vaping experience. Engineered with ceramic nichrome heating elements, patented stone and tile construction the Hummingbird Vaporizer allows for heat up and sustain of the optimal temperature for enhanced flavors and vapor production. The chassis has a modern finish, incorporating beautiful hues of orange, blue, yellow and much more. It offers a hands-free operation and reliable ground glass connection for an easy to use operation. Before in use, it is recommended that you plug the device into a 100V wall outlet for approximately 5 to 10 minutes to heat up. Once it has reached the desired temperature, fill the heating chamber and enjoy. Simple as that! Don’t miss out on this impressive device, make sure to pick up the Hummingbird Vaporizer by Hot Box Vapors today!

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