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Keeping with the fun, a vaping facts grid on the side tells you that I Love Cookies has a sweet caramel drizzle, a hint of creamy strawberry and tastes like 100% happiness.


Product Description

Do you have a hunger for delicious, decadent and almost sinfully desirable cookies all year round? Do you wait with baited breath for your latest delivery of cookies from a local scout troupe? Do you find yourself lingering in the snack aisle in the grocery store, unable to decide on which pack to bring home? Mad Hatter has the answer for you with I Love Cookies, for the true cookie lover and vape connoisseur. Following the release of their I Love Donuts vape liquid, Mad Hatter brings yet another fantastically rich, realistic and nuanced flavor with I Love Cookies. I Love Cookies comes in a 30 ml glass bottle and dropper set up for the full experiance of this one of a kind layered flavour, giving you the chance to fill and refill over and over again. Featuring adorable, fun packaging with delicious, long lasting taste and thick vapour clouds, Mad Hatter's I Love Cookies is a great choice for anyone, and the best friend of any vaper with a sweet tooth that can't be sated. 

Known for their unique, fun and interactive packaging, Mad Hatter does not disappoint with this beautiful pastel colored oven style box. Designed with a stove top, and including detailed potholders that helpfully display your nicotine strength on the front even the packaging is a delight. A small grate is visible through the front, deepening the idea of a miniature oven stuffed with fresh cookies. Along the sides are hints at this juice's flavor profile. A caramel drizzle cookie stands beside a chocolate chunk, accompanied by a pinwheel style cookie and lastly a jam filled sugar cookie. Looking at this baker's array, you can picture the fantastic flavour waiting for you just inside the box. Lastly, and most fantastically, the box opens from the front just like a real oven. This feature allows you to keep the packaging as pristine as the day you bought it, unless you destroy the box in your quest for the ultimate cookie flavor.

Offering nicotine strengths in 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg, you are fully able to customize your experience. I Love Cookies is a 60% PG 40% VG mix that supplies solid, lingering vapour clouds and a comforting throat hit and long lasting sugar lips as the great taste just won't quit. Getting to the meat, or dough, of I Love Cookies is the best part of the experiance. With a flavour profile as in depth and perfected as this, it is only right to taste it twice. Inside the bottle this juice smells of fresh vanilla and sweet cream with delicate hints of chocolate and a touch of caramel, but this just wets the pallet for the real depth of flavor. On your inhale you are treated to a full bodied sugar cookie flavour, sweet and buttery, and fully layered with a complexity that will make you feel like you have bitten into a freshly baked sugary sweet cookie. Flawlessly paired with a light chocolate chunk taste and creamy, cold milk right from the fridge. On the exhale is a dreamy drizzle of buttery caramel, and the fruity sweet flavour of summer strawberries and decadent cream making for a perfect jam center to this cookie master piece. 

I Love Cookies is, all in all, a fantastic and rich flavour that will prove to be one of your favorites with its winning taste and long lasting clouds.

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