I Love Donuts by Mad Hatter E-Liquid

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Do you spend far too much time hanging around donut shops, just breathing in the delicious aroma of your favorite fresh baked treat?


Product Description

Are you far too willing to discuss the differences between glazed and iced with your friends? Do you have a donut flavor for every day and then some? If any of these sound like you, then Mad Hatter has an ejuice perfectly tailored to your superb tastes. I Love Donuts is a doughy and delicious, perfectly fried and fresh vape fluid that provides for all of your donut cravings and needs. I Love Donuts will arrive to you, straight from beautiful Los Angeles, in an easy to use in a 30 ml glass jar and dropper setup to let you double dip this decadent flavor over and over again. You won't want to put down I Love Donuts for a second because it produces full, lingering vapor clouds combined with an insanely rich and realistic taste. It is a sure bet I Love Donuts will become one of your favourite ejuices.

Because Mad Hatter is known for their interesting and quirky packaging, I Love Donuts is ingeniously packaged just like donuts from your favorite shop. In a donut box emblazoned with a berry jam colored stamps, I Love Donuts is pretty in glazed pink and just as scrumptious looking as the real thing. On the front is a hint at the flavor profile, several plump, summer fresh blueberries are set alongside a picture perfect donut, glistening with glaze and smothered in sugary sprinkles. Helpfully, Mad Hatter leaves your nicotine strength on the front of the box, with glazed 0 mg, powder 3 mg, sprinkle 6 mg and jelly 12 mg varieties. The great packaging continues inside the box, with the liquid wrapped in a waxy donut paper. The bottle itself is labeled in jelly donut white and purple, with a vaping facts section that lets you in on the real nutritional facts of your new Mad Hatter vaping liquid. With 0 calories, no real wild blueberries, I Love Donuts does have 100% of the deliciousness and sprinkles of awesomeness you require for your daily pastry fix.

I Love Donuts lets you fully customize your experiance in each 30 ml bottle by offering 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg of nicotine, so you can pick your strength and choose your deep fried destiny. This delicious ejuice is a 40% VG 60% PG mix, but provides solid and lingering full bodied clouds with each session. So thick, infact, that the flavour of I Love Donuts will stick to your lips for a lingering kiss of that perfect donut flavour. Getting into the complex flavor profile of I Love Donuts starts in the bottle. On your first whiff of just the ultra thick juice, you will be treated to warm vanilla doughy goodness, distinctly sweet and inviting. On the inhale is when the blueberry glaze donut goodness begins. As you begin you are hit with the sugary sweet glaze taste, perfectly balanced and realistic enough to make you feel like you are dipping into a freshly dipped donut. Following on the heels of that prime sugar glaze, is the distinctly delicious taste of wild blueberries, rich and fruity, sun fresh and fantastic. Together these two work to really hit a homerun of the sugar blaze of glaze and the berry jelly filling. Then, on the exhale, comes the moment you were waiting for. Warm, doughy and golden brown fried, almost crispy against your teeth. As a complete experiance, the I Love Donuts will prove itself to any coffee shop connoisseur that the best baked goods aren't under the glass at the local donut joint, they are straight from Mad Hatter. 

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