I Love Taffy by Mad Hatter E-Liquid

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Combine all of the flavors of taffy that you enjoy to get one vaping liquid that is delectable and enticing from the aroma to the taste with I Love Taffy by Mad Hatter E-Liquid. There is a hint of peach color to the liquid when you look at it through the 30ml or 60ml bottle. This is a treat for those who enjoy something sweet as well as something salty that blends together to give you an impression of being at the beach as you usually get taffy at the small shops along the coast. 


Product Description

When you open the bottle, you can't really pick up on the delicious flavors of I Love Taffy by Mad Hatter E-Liquid. It takes almost heating the liquid completely in order to give you the taste that you desire. One of the notes that you will pick up on first is blueberry. This is a prominent note as the berry stands out among the others that include raspberry and a hint of cherry. You can also detect hints of cream as the liquid continues to burn. Once you hit the creamy notes, they will begin to coat the tongue. 

One of the other notes that you will notice is peach. This isn't an artificial taste that you might notice in a cigar or other products. It's a note that is fresh, giving you the impression that you have recently picked a peach off of a tree in an orchard. The peach and the blueberry interact with each other in a way that gives a sweetness that is almost what you would find in a fruity cereal. Some have compared the liquid to a peach candy with hints of blueberry. 

Sometimes, I Love Taffy by Mad Hatter E-Liquid has citrus notes that blend well with the salty flavors. They are underlying and are hardly noticeable until the liquid is heated. When you begin vaping, you will notice an aroma more of blueberries and peaches. There is almost a hint of an ocean breeze in the smell that you get from the liquid as it burns. This is what gives the taffy liquid its name as it makes you think of being at the beach. It's a liquid that many people desire because there isn't only one note. It has several layers of flavor that bring you to a coastal smell and feeling, vaping throughout the day in order to get those notes.

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