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Ice Blue Raspberry by Bazooka Vape gives a nostalgic nod to sugar coated, sour, straw style candies. The blue raspberry side of this e-liquid unifies both sour and sweet components to make a singularly tasty draw. As this is a member of the Ice line, it has menthol as an added ingredient. The end result is that of a soothing cooling effect inherent in every inhale. Per the usual with Bazooka Vape, the exhaled vapor payoff is massive and satisfying.


Product Description

Ice Blue Raspberry by Bazooka Vape is one of the flavors in the Ice variations. The taste of this e-liquid is fully realized and will have users feeling like they are eating a piece of candy. The addition of menthol brings with it the unmistakable cooling effect that many will love to add to their collection.

Ice Blue Raspberry has a VG/PG ratio of 70%/30%. This balance of the two allows for ideal flavor realization to be coupled with premium vapor when the draw is released. The taste packed in every draw is clean and won't leave any unsavory tackiness in the mouth, a fact that will allow every draw to be mouthwatering and satisfying. The vapor payoff is never sacrificed en lieu of flavor, the two attributes are in perfect balance within the e-liquid.

Bazooka Vape has a standard line of e-liquids. Standard meaning they have no added menthol. Blue Raspberry (the counterpart to Ice Blue Raspberry) still brings with it the balance of VG and PG to allow for clean, tasty draws that are finalized with massive cloud exhalations.

Another line available through Bazooka Vape are the Tropical Thunder variations. Pineapple Peach is but one of the options and it fully hits the bull's eye of capturing the tropical tangy-ness of a pineapple in perfect harmony with peach. Every draw has the best of both flavors and users will be happy to see that this product comes in a 100mL bottle. By doing this, Bazooka Vape helps ensure their is enough product available for the many times vapers are sure to find themselves digging into Pineapple Peach.

Ice Blue Raspberry by Bazooka Vape comes in three nicotine concentrations, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Every user is sure to find their niche within that selection. The dropper style lid makes refills simple and worry free. This particular line comes in a 60mL package size, which is a solid amount as users will find themselves wanting this flavor again and again.

Bazooka Vape's main center was established in Los Angeles several years ago. Since starting the company, they have pushed themselves to release e-liquids that are appetizing, but also of an optimum quality. They maintain the theme of drawing on candy inspirations, but always release first-rate products. 

As you search through Bazooka Vape's many lines and e-liquid options, please look through all that has to offer. From mods to parts to pens, we cover as many bases as possible to accommodate our customers. If you have any inquiries about a product you see or have a general question, don't hesitate to contact out customer care team.

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