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The Ice Cream Man Vaporizer by KandyPens is a powerful new pen-style concentrate vaporizer that uses dual-rod technology to produce thick and delicious vapor. The device is entirely leakproof, and it has three preset temperature settings that are optimized for vaping. Like many other products from KandyPens, this device is sleek, slim, and easily concealable in your pocket, purse, or the palm of your hand. The device comes in several color options and has a satin finish.


Product Description

If you're in the market for a brand new vaporizer for your concentrates, look no further than the Ice Cream Man Vaporizer by KandyPens. As the name implies, this device has the ability to produce thick, creamy vapor that's both tasty and cool. It uses a number of advanced features to provide one of the most enjoyable vaping experiences on the market, and its compact design makes it perfect for portable use. This latest device from KandyPens carries the tradition of premium quality that all devices from the brand are known to have.

This vaporizer is truly in a league of its own when you consider its power, utility, and construction. The loading chamber for your oils is made of premium quartz crystal, and the dual-rod technology inside the chamber uses quartz crystal rods to produce even heat. The use of quartz in vaporizers is slowly growing in popularity since quartz provides smooth vapor that isn't tainted by any metallic or ceramic flavor. This allows the quartz crystal rods to vaporize the oils without changing the taste of the vapor at all. There aren't many pen-style devices that use dual-rod technology, which is part of the reason why this device can generate such large clouds. It basically simulates a full stationary dab rig that you might use in the comfort of your own home, but it does so in a slim device with a lightweight design.

One of the greatest features of the Ice Cream Man is that it includes preset vaping temperatures that prevent the loaded concentrate from experiencing any combustion or burning. This is yet another method the device uses to protect the flavor of your vapor. The three temperature settings are 350, 390, and 430 degrees Fahrenheit, and with the single-button design of the device, you can easily cycle through these settings. Those who enjoy this type of device should also consider the Limited Edition Galaxy Pen by Kandypens, another fine product from the same manufacturer that uses dual rod technology and a sleek profile to produce amazing vapor. At, we also carry a selection of replacement atomizers for the Galaxy Pen, such as the standard Galaxy Atomizer by KandyPens. 

Turning the device on and off is quite easy thanks to the single-button control system as well, and it only takes a few taps to prepare the device for vaporization. There are multiple types of concentrates that can be used in this device depending on the consistency of the material, which is why the preset temperatures vary as they do. Each temperature is optimized to work with a specific type of concentrate, and each user can customize their experience by finding their most suitable setting. It takes very little time for the device to heat after a temperature setting has been selected, and it produces even heating for several hits before it must reheat.

The battery in this unit is specifically designed with temperature control functionality, and it is covered by a full lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Such a warranty is quite unusual in the world of pen-style vaporizers, but KandyPens is an American brand with exceptionally quality. The battery also uses standard 510 threading, which makes it compatible with almost any tank component.

When you buy the Ice Cream Man Vaporizer by KandyPens, you'll get the full device, a dab tool, a travel carrying case, a USB charging cord, a pair of cleaning wipes, and a set of detailed instructions regarding the utility of the device. Please contact us if you have any questions about this device, and one of our knowledgable and friendly team members will be happy to assist you.

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