Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo White Series E-Liquid


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Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo White Series E-Liquid is a fun and nostalgic blast of delicious chocolate and rich vanilla ice cream flavors. You'll find this e-liquid to be a perfect choice as a special treat from time to time but it is also great as an all-day vape. With its bold flavor and 70% VG content, this e-juice does great in sub tanks. It serves up a delicious taste on every draw and also produces phenomenal clouds of vapor.


Product Description

Who can resist the taste of a sweet, creamy ice cream sandwich? You can now get the same flavor from this designer e-juice blend that is authentic in its delivery of an iconic taste. On the inhale you'll savor notes of decadent chocolate, just like the cookies that wrap these frozen treats. Next comes the smooth sweetness of vanilla ice cream. It all comes together in a way that is not at all overpowering, and it won't become harsh after vaping it for a few hours.

Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo White Series E-Liquid has quickly become a number one best seller throughout the vaping community thanks to its flavor and pleasant aroma. Ice cream flavored e-juices can be found in abundance, but few of them are able to achieve the perfection of this handcrafted mix. It's pleasant and gentle on the throat, and you can taste both of its main flavor profiles on each draw.

Other flavors in this popular series include White Chocolate Strawberry by Kilo White Series E-Liquid. The inspiration for this blend starts with the tastes of tangy strawberries that supply a fresh, tart flavor. Next comes the smooth and creamy notes of rich white chocolate. This is an e-juice for those who truly appreciate the finer things in life.

Cinnamon Roll by Kilo White Series E-Liquid has that wonderful aroma that you would expect. You'll also taste notes of buttered pastry and creamy icing in a perfect balance with the cinnamon flavor. The consistency of this e-juice produces a warm vapor that mimics the taste of the real thing, fresh baked from the oven.

Marshmallow Crisp by Kilo White Series E-Liquid evokes notes of those gooey marshmallow cereal treats that so many people love. You get the sweetness mixed with the taste of crisped rice. Together, its a fun and indulgent flavor that stands apart from every other e-juice on the market.

Kilo E-Liquid Inc. was founded in 2014 by a group of individuals that are passionate about e-juice flavors. They immediately gained popularity by introducing their Kilo Black Series E-Liquid, a collection of top-shelf flavors that are designed for the vaping connoisseur. These e-juices are all made by hand and given the utmost attention during the mixing process. Kilo employs talented mixologists who spend months finding original combinations that exceed a traditional approach.

Once the recipes are developed, Kilo sources out the best raw materials from the top suppliers in the industry. A hallmark of these e-juices is their 70% VG consistency. This means that they are well-suited to cloud chasing. All varieties come in a 60 ml bottle and are available in nicotine consistencies of 0, 3, and 6 mg. You'll also find that these e-juices are steeped to perfection and require no additional steeping on arrival.

While you are shopping for a bottle of Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo White Series E-Liquid, be sure to check out our entire line of e-liquids. We have one of the largest selections of any online retailer. If you have a question about this e-liquid or any of the items we carry, please contact us so that one of our friendly team members can assist you.

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