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Ice Green Apple by Bazooka Vape is a member of the Ice family amid the company's line-up of e-liquid variations. In keeping with the theme of the company's flavors, this option draws on straw style candy for inspiration. The unmistakable green apple essence make every draw wholly satisfying in taste and when exhaled, the cloud payoff is massive and dense. The addition of menthol in the juice have the added benefit of making every inhale soothing.


Product Description

Ice Green Apple by Bazooka Vape is a perfect ode to its real-life fruit partner. The taste is sweet without being tacky and the released cloud is always gratifyingly large. Vapers are sure to experience a smooth draw that puts them on the edge of feeling like they are eating a sugar coated, straw candy, but still have the cool, menthol effect so true to this line of flavoring. 

The inhale begins with the tang of an apple, and is fulfilled in an unmistakable sweetness. While this fact is true, users won't be left with a sticky, unappetizing after-taste. The flavor has its moment without ruining the draw as a whole. The VG concentration is 75% and the PG concentration is 30%. This formulation means that the e-liquid's flavor is genuine, but never at the cost of the vapor that is exhaled. The overall impact is that of a model e-liquid session. 

Ice Green Apple by Bazooka Vape comes in three nicotine concentrations of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. This spread allows customer to hit their ideal point of nicotine intake. Bazooka Vape has made this flavor available in a 60mL bottle, a large size that will allow vapers to use it frequently before replacement is needed. The company has also thoughtfully integrated a dropper style lid so that their customers can refill the product easily without having to worry about a spill. Idyllic products are at the heart of what the company offers. 

Another one of Bazooka Vape's Ice variations is Blue Raspberry. This flavor initiates every draw with an intense tangy-ness that always ends with a pleasant sugary effect. True to the Ice line, the menthol provides users with the calming side effects inherent in the ingredient. This flavor is unique and a great addition to any vaporizing lover's collection.

Another line the Bazooka Vape has created is called Tropical Thunder. As evidenced by their name, each flavor is not only an affirmation of candy, but also to a tropical fruit. Mango Tango is one of those flavors. This option hits the mark perfectly of a legitimate mango. Vapers will be glad to know it comes in a 100mL bottle and has the same three nicotine concentration options as Ice Green Apple. 

Los Angeles is where Bazooka Vape made their home. When they opened their doors several years ago, they pushed themselves to make fun, innovative flavors. They also never sacrifice the quality of their e-liquids. The company is committed to the satisfaction of their customers. 

While you decide between Bazooka Vape's many flavor options, feel free to look through's many tank, mods, e-liquids, and supplies. If you have any question, please call our customer service team as they are ready to help.

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