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Ice Strawberry by Bazooka Vape is one of the company's additions to their Ice line of flavoring. This flavor brings with it the genuine taste of a wild strawberry. However, with this line of e-liquids, there is also the addition of menthol. This ingredient gives a cooling effect to every draw. The flavor is clean and smooth and the cloud payoff is satisfyingly big. Vapers will love what this flavor brings to their e-liquid collection. 


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Product Description

Ice Strawberry by Bazooka Vape has an innate flavor of strawberry essence. True to the brand is the mission to draw inspiration from straw style candy and this flavor hits that mark perfectly. Completely unique among Bazooka Vape's other varieties, the addition of menthol gives every draw a refreshing, soothing outcome.

In order to stay cohesive with the brand, Ice Strawberry's vapor and flavor are in total balance. While the strawberry flavor is intense, it is not overpoweringly sweet. The after taste is minimal, never leaving residual stickiness in the mouth which could truly ruin the draw otherwise. The delicious taste, the cooling menthol, and the dense vapor payoff are the chief attributes of this product. The 70% VG and 30% PG ratio ultimately make up the back bone of this idyllic e-liquid.

Ice Strawberry by Bazooka Vape comes in a liberal 60mL bottle. The eye-dropper style applicator ensures easy refill so that users don't need to worry about unnecessary waste. Bazooka Vape has made this product available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations. These options ensure that every person has access to their strength preference. As a result of all these packaging options, users will be able to use this product again and again.

Bazooka Vape's standard e-liquid line has a menthol-less strawberry option. Strawberry still packs a powerful strawberry flavor, but does not sacrifice the ending, exhaled cloud. Like its Ice counterpart, is won't leave any residual tacky taste either. Its tasty without being overwhelming and is a harmonious e-liquid.

Bazooka Vape's regular line also has an e-liquid called Green Apple. This tangy nod to its tree growing counterpart, is both sweet and sour. Every draw starts with the punch of a green apple, but rounds out with a sweetness true to the orchard growers. It also draws on straw style candy per the usual with Bazooka Vape's products. The balance of taste and vapor is an integral part of this product and it doesn't sacrifice any premium qualities. 

The maker of the above mentioned products, Bazooka Vape, established their main location in Los Angeles. Every product is American made and sticks to their core value of being a premium vaping product. An integral part of their company is to curate and cultivate products that are nostalgic and have truly made them a paragon in the e-liquid industry. 

As you browse Bazooka Vape's various e-liquids, don't hesitate to look through all of's comprehensive tanks, mods, supplies, and e-liquids. If you see something that you have a question on or if you have any general questions, please contact our customer service team. They are well informed and more than happy to answer any inquiries.

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