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Biting into a crisp, juicy apple or a cool bunch of grapes is an experience that took Mother Nature thousands, perhaps millions, of years to produce. The combination of sweetness with just the right amount of tartness make apples and grapes a taste sensation that provides satisfaction without overwhelming sugariness. But nature has not yet provided a way to combine these two complimentary tastes into one piece of fruit. Now, Grape by Red's Apple EJuice has accomplished what nature has not.


Product Description

This combination of crisp, tangy apple and sweet, juicy grape will flood your mouth with a duet of flavor that will perk up your mood and put a smile of satisfaction on your face. Manufactured with the highest grade ingredients by 7 Daze E-Liquid, Grape by Red's Apple EJuice features a 70/30 VG/PG ratio to maximize your enjoyment and provide just the right amount of vapor.

The sensation of biting into either of these two delightful fruits is an experience most people wish they could enjoy over and over. But the fruits themselves soon create the feeling of fullness, causing you to stop eating. The sugar and acid in apples or grapes fills the stomach creating little warning signals that say you'd better stop eating. With Vapor, however, the stomach does not get full or become uncomfortable because you don't swallow it. You are able to enjoy the sensation and flavor of that first bite over and over without the feeling of fullness.

This is only possible with vaping. The joy of eating fresh apples and grapes is separated from the need to swallow when you vape. You can enjoy the flood of happy brain chemicals that are released when you eat without having to stop because you're full. Gum provides flavor without swallowing, but the flavor soon fades, requiring fresh gum to be chewed if you want to continue enjoying fresh flavor. This brings additional sugar into your stomach, potentially causing upset if you continue.

With Grape by Red's Apple EJuice, you can repeat the sensation of biting into fresh apples and grapes many times without feeling full. The surge of pleasure that comes from that first bite can be experienced repeatedly without filling you up and slowing you down.

7 Daze E-Liquid manufactures several different fruit flavors that provide these same qualities. If you crave a more cool sensation, like chilled fruit, you can enjoy Iced Grape or Iced Apple EJuice. If you enjoy sliced fruit, 7 Daze makes Blue, Green and Red Watermelon flavors that feel like biting into a firm, ripe slice of this juicy fruit without the mess, the seeds or the gurgling tummy.

If you enjoy eating cool, crisp, juicy fruit salads but don't like becoming full, if you love the rush of flavor that floods your mouth when you take the first bite out of a crisp, sweet apple or a bunch of firm, juicy grapes, if you wish you could take that first bite over and over, then Grape by Red's Apple EJuice is just what you've been looking for.

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