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When you invest money into a clearomizer, it's important find high-quality replacement coils in order to have the best vaping experience possible. Innokin is a great brand and known to be among the best in the industry. The Innokin iClear 16 B replacement coils are a great value for your clearomizer.


Product Description

The iClear 16 B replacement coils are long-lasting and durable. They provide robust flavors and excellent vapor. They are a great choice for vapers looking for an affordable, high-quality replacement coil. 

This replacement coil has two bottom feeding coils. It utilizes 2.10 HM and is for the bottom dual coil clearomizer. The two bottom feeding coils provide constant wicking. In turn, the constant wicking means superior vapor production.

To replace the coil of your iClear clearomizer, follow a few simple instructions. First, take the clearomizer off of the battery. Be sure to hold the bottom of the clearomizer when doing so. Then turn the clearomizer upside down. Keep the tank inverted while you change the coil if there is liquid in the tank. Next, unscrew the bottom part of the clearomizer from the tank. Unscrew the replacement coil in the bottom of the clearomizer. Now you are ready to replace the coil. Screw the new replacement coil on tightly to prevent leakage. Finally, tighten the bottom of the clearomizer back to the tank. For best results, wait a few minutes before vaping to allow the liquid to drip down in to the coil.

The iClear 16 B replacement coils come in a pack of five coils. Most vapers typically replace their coils about once a month, depending on frequency of usage. There are several ways to know if your coils need to be replaced. One way is decreased vapor production. If there is no vapor, a coil has been popped and needs to be replaced. A little vapor production means the coil is not working well. In addition, strange flavors such as a burnt taste can mean it is time for a new coil. Also, if the juice leaks into the mouth the coil is not heating properly. Replacing the coil regularly will ensure that vapor production stays pure and strong.

In summary, iClear 16B replacement coils are an excellent buy for vapers who use an iClear clearomizer and want superior vaping quality.

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